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Multi-currency virtual cash pooling is a service, which belongs to the group of liquidity management products, which enables increasing financial effectiveness in a capital group. Calculating interest on balances of eligible accounts in PLN and in foreign currencies, the Bank will virtually convert all currencies to the base currency of the service and only on this basis will it accrue interest on the virtual net balance. The service offered by Bank Millennium is fully automatic and virtual i.e. it does not cause transfers between the Customer’s accounts. Together with the service the Customer receives a complete set of management information, presenting the attained benefits.


  • Increase interest benefits on negative and positive balances of PLN and FX accounts in the group.
  • Improve the financial result of the whole group, at the same time maintaining full financial autonomy of the individual companies forming the group.
  • Reduce cost of PLN current account overdraft by reflecting funds e.g. on FX accounts of other companies in the group.

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