The custody services of Bank Millennium has been awarded by the prestigious Global Custodian magazine

In this year’s Agent Banks in Emerging Markets Survey 2014, carried out by the Global Custodian magazine, Bank Millennium was awarded the Category Outperformer award. Global Custodian is a leading international magazine, which deals with services connected with processing of transactions on global securities’ markets. For 25 years now Global Custodian has been conducting surveys renowned in the financial sector, measuring achievements and the quality of services provided by banks and brokerage companies. 

The award given to Bank Millennium is the equivalent of the “Best in Class” award, which Global Custodian had been giving out in previous years. Custody services are evaluated and ranked on the basis of detailed surveys of the opinions of customers of banks, operating in this area all over the world. The survey chapter includes representatives of banks, brokerage houses, mutual and pension funds as well as insurance companies. The order of appearance on the ranking list is determined by the votes cast by actual customers of the banks. Bank Millennium has earned such a high place first of all thanks to excellent service quality. Customers have also appreciated the added value, which the services deliver to their companies. 

Bank Millennium provides a comprehensive range of services involved with keeping securities in custody and settling transactions on securities. Participation in central depositories of securities permits supporting both domestic as well as international equity investments, giving customers a safe place to keep their securities in custody and fast settlement of transactions.