Bank Millennium as partner of the 25th Economic Forum in Krynica

The Krynica Economic Forum is Central Europe’s largest get-together of business people and politicians. It is here that prime ministers, representatives of European governments, EU decision makers, CEOs, experts and economists have been meeting for the past 20 years. Bank Millennium is a partner of this special event.

How to build a strong Europe? Strategies for the future

This is the motto of this year’s anniversary 25th Forum. European cohesion and unity are under threat from decentralising political forces and economic problems. At the same time the Old Continent must face up to increasingly tough global economic competition and geopolitical conflicts. Europe’s strength will be determined first of all by its economic growth and security, this is why the policy of the Old Continent should focus on growing competitiveness, supporting innovation and solidarity in external policy. Is it possible to combine these three directions of activity? How to overcome political instability within the community and along its borders? Will Juncker’s 300 billion-worth plan fill-in the investment gap and provide a sufficient impulse for EU economies? These are the questions the Forum’s participants will strive to answer.

Bank Millennium on the Forum

During the gala plenary session on the first day of the Forum the List 500 Europe will be announced, prepared by Rzeczpospolita and Deloitte consulting company and with Bank Millennium as a partner. This event will be accompanied by a discussion panel on Export as an opportunity for faster growth of Central Europe, with participation of Joao Bras Jorge, President and CEO of Bank Millennium. On the second day of the Forum Mr Bras Jorge will attend the panels Growth of popularity of premium products and services on the Polish market in view of growing aspirations of Polish consumers and Risk for polish banking sector, while Andrzej Gliński, Member of the Management Board of Bank Millennium responsible for corporate banking, will attend Rzeczpospolita daily’s Eagle of Innovation competition awards gala. Bank Millennium is a competition partner. The gala will be followed by a panel on Business, science and administration together – how to put innovation into the DNA of Poland’s economy. Going to Krynica will also be Grzegorz Maliszewski, Chief Economist of Bank Millennium. Mr Maliszewski will sit on the panel Commercial investments driving economic growth in Europe on the second day of the Forum.

For the duration of the conference Bank Millennium created a special guests area in the Dom Forum building, offering a place to relax, charge a phone or tablet, have coffee and read the latest press as well as meeting with business partners.

We invite you to follow key events of the Forum on TVN24 Biznes i Świat and on the Rzeczpospolita website (