About token

Benefits of using token

A token is a device used for logging in and authorizing orders in Millenet for Companies. Token is similar to an SMS P@ssword or an electronic signature - it allows to confirm transactions (e.g. money transfers, standing orders) as well as administrative operations (e.g. change user access settings) by means of a one-time code.

The token is easy to use and intuitive - it is equipped with a keypad, arrow keys, "erase" key and a display. The default language version is Polish, but it can be changed to English in token settings.

  • No need to install software on the computer or activate additional functions in Millenet e-banking system
  • High level of security - token is not connected to the computer, and is protected against unauthorized access with a PIN; additionally in case of financial transactions (e.g. transfers), selected transaction data (e.g. transfer amount) must be typed on token keypad
  • Authorizing transactions is faster compared to electronic signature - you don't have to launch any additional applications or software

First use

  1. Activate the token holding OK for 3 seconds
  2. You will be asked to set a PIN number. Use the token numerical keypad to enter your individual 4-digit number
  3. Confirm the PIN number by pressing OK
  4. Re-enter the PIN and confirm with OK. The PIN will be assigned to the device
  5. That's it! Now you can log in to Millenet and authorize transactions with a token

Authorizing operations with a token

  1. Turn on the token (press OK for 3 seconds) and enter the PIN.
  2. Next, select transaction type (one, many or other transactions).
  3. Enter selected data in the token are displayed on the screen in Millenet for Companies (e.g. transfer amount). Depending on the transaction type, you will be requested to enter different data on the token, e.g., while authorizing a transfer batch you need to enter the number of transactions.

Logging in to Millenet

Logging in to e-banking system

Token allows you to log in to Millenet for Companies even more securely/ in an even more secure way - additional protection/ one-time code generated by the token.

Go to Millenet login page, enter your MilleKod, login and 6-digit token code. To receive the code, first turn on your token, enter PIN and select option 1. Login.

If you already have a token, you can easily change your login method by switching from SMS P@sswords to token codes (in Millenet go to Profile > Password settings)

Irrespective of whether you use SMS P@sswords or token, you can disable password masking. Instead of entering only selected characters, the system will require you to enter the full password. Change settings in Millenet in Profile > Password settings.


  • How much does a token cost?

    All you need to pay is a one-time fee upon receiving the device, the amount of which is set out in the price list.Using the token, i.e. authorizing transactions, logging in etc. is free of charge.

  • Can I have more than one token at the same time?

    You can have only one token for every MilleKod. However, if you have several MilleKods you can choose if you prefer to have a separate token for every MilleKod or one token for all MilleKods.

  • My token PIN has been revealed to an unauthorized person. What should I do?

    You can change the token PIN any time. Turn on the token, and select "Change of PIN" from the token settings.

  • What do I do when the token gets lost or damaged?

    If you lose your token and are afraid it may be used by third parties for fraudulent purposes, change the default login and authorization toll in Millenet. Go to Profile > Password settings and select SMS P@sswords. You can order a new token at a fee by contacting your Advisor.

    In case of a token failure, the Bank will replace the device for free upon receiving the damaged token.

  • What do I do when the token battery runs out?

    The battery is non-replaceable and allows for approx. 5 years of standard usage. You can easily check the battery level in token settings (option 6. Information in the token menu).

  • How do I change my login and authorization tool?

    If you are currently using SMS P@sswords, you can order a token device by contacting your Advisor.

    If you are using a token and provided the Bank with your mobile number, you can switch between the two login and authorization tools (token and SMS P@sswords) yourself in Millenet or by calling Bank Millennium helpline.

  • How to enter transfer amount on a token?

    the is no separator key on token keypad, therefore every amount should be entered as an uninterrupted sequence of digits including grosze.


    • For the amount of 1500.20 – enter respectively: 1 5 0 0 2 0
    • For the amount of 0.30 – enter respectively: 3 0
    • For the amount of 0.05 – enter respectively: 5
    • For the amount of 250.00 – enter respectively: 2 5 0 0 0