About the service

SMS Notifications is a new service allowing notifications to be set up in the form of texts about following events:

  • execution of incoming and outgoing transfers
  • transfer rejection
  • transaction authorisation and credit card cash advance or debit card cash withdrawal
  • end of a term deposit
  • standing order not executed
  • successful and unsuccessful logging in to the account
  • issuing leasing invoices/notes by Millennium Leasing
  • upcoming or overdue payment of invoices/notes from Millennium Leasing

The SMS Notification service will allow you to define:

  • the event you want to be informed about
  • hours, during which the texts will be sent
  • accounts, for which transfer information will be sent
  • minimum amounts of transfers and card transactions, which will generate SMS Notifications
  • hours of monitoring system logons
  • the day on which you receive information about the upcoming payment date of the Millennium Leasing invoice


Receiving notifications about logons of other users will require additional authorisation.

The texts will be sent to the mobile phone number defined in the user’s personal data as the contact phone.

SMS messages informing about events on a company account are payable, and the amount of the fee is specified in price lists - for small enterprises and for corporate banking. All notifications related to Millennium Leasing invoices are free of charge.

To start messages, you just need:

  1. Log in to Millenet.
  2. Select Settings > SMS notifications > SMS notification settings from the menu.
  3. Define types of notifications and save changes.

For more detailed information about service configuration please go to Guide.


SMS notifications service