Dear Sirs, 

The financial world, and banking in particular, is founded on unchanging principles such as stability, perception of security and trust. In complementing one another, they form the strongest basis for long term cooperation. Here at Bank Millennium, being fully aware of the responsibility assumed by us in supporting the growth of your company, building long term relationships with our Clients is an everyday priority. 

We have created a bank with a solid backbone, which surrounds our Clients in values that guide us every day. We do believe that in creating value for our Clients, we deserve the title of fully fledged partners and advisors and that we have built a relationship which will be mutually and equally beneficial. 

Our guiding principle is, that a thorough understanding of the needs of our Clients and the challenges facing them is fundamental for the Client relationship to flourish – the relationship which we nourish from day one. It is also the feedback from our Clients, which allows us to grow and often pre-empt your expectations. 
Our strength lies with our people.

We have created a team able to provide comprehensive answers both to your everyday needs and those connected with the challenges of expansion. To attain the highest level of achievement of your business objectives, we put professional, dedicated Advisors at your disposal and for highly specialised areas – the assistance of Product Specialists. Answers and support in everyday issues will be provided by Assistants. 

The trust which you invest in us will bear interest. I look forward to seeing you amongst the ranks of our Clients. 

Best regards,
Andrzej Gliński 
Member of the Management Board of Bank