Payments are what every business does every day: paying to suppliers, the tax authorities, ZUS, employees, rent or electricity bills or even for business travel. Many beneficiaries, different dates, different amounts… sometimes it is hard to get things under control.

Fast payments

Today you make most payments without using cash. In many cases execution time is paramount. Your counterparty must get the money now, or else he will not release the goods? Or maybe you often do business shopping online and want quick delivery? Check out what we can do about it.

Regular payments

You pay lots of bills. Gas, electricity, rent… Hard to remember about it all, especially as you have to remember about your home bills, too. It is therefore better to devote more time to your business, leaving us to take care of regularly paid bills in fixed and varying amounts. Is it not easier to place the appropriate order only once?

Access to the money

You probably often travel on business to buy  goods from suppliers. However, you also need to pay for fuel, hotels and other essentials. This is why you want to have easy access to company money both non-cash, to make POS payments, as well as cash, which you could withdraw from an ATM or in a branch.

Products proposed for your need

Debit Card

Provides quick access to money on the account. You can use it to pay for shopping or to withdraw cash from an ATM.

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