A loan with de minimis guarantee

Simple and convenient financing with the BGK guarantee

Keep your loan payback safe

De minimis BGK guarantee is a form of protecting your loan, which can increase your chances to get financing. The guarantee could cover:

  • a cash loan
  • an overdraft facility
  • an investment loan
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The BGK de minimis program is implemented as a part of the government program "Supporting entrepreneurship with sureties and guarantees of the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego". Find out more on the Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego website and in Warunkach uzyskania w Banku Gospodarstwa Krajowego gwarancji spłaty kredytu w ramach portfelowej linii gwarancyjnej de minimislink otwiera się w nowym oknie(in polish).

Your benefits with de minimis guarantee:

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  • secures even 60% credit amount
  • a long period of crediting up to 72 months
  • guarantee commission rate is 0.5% of the guarantee amount per annum
  • benefit from a reduced credit commission
  • guarantee application will be processed together with the credit application

How to use a loan with de minimis guarantee?

  1. 1

    Log in to the Millenet and fill up the application for granting a guarantee together with the loan application.

    Log in to the Millenet

  2. 2

    Sing up the loan agreement - protection will come into effect at the moment of granting funds.

  1. 1

    Contact the credit specialist for detailed information about an offer.

    Contact the specialist

  2. 2

    We will call you with an offer and ask for the completion of documents and submit an application to the branch.

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