In this section you will find information about overall frequently asked questions (not connected with Millenet).
  • Where can I find the current pricelist of the Bank?

    The current table of fees and commissions for retail customers is available here.

    For current table of fees and commissions for credit cards click here.

  • When are ELIXIR sessions booked?

    Interbank domestic transfers are performed by the National Clearing Chamber with ELIXIR system.

    Sessions in this system take place at the following times:

    10:30-11:00 - transfer instruction may be placed by 8:15, incoming instruction is booked for 12:00
    14:30-15:00 - transfer instruction may be placed by 12:15, incoming instruction is booked for 15:30
    17:00-17:30 - transfer instruction may be placed by 14:35, incoming instruction is booked for 17:30

  • How may I change my registry/correspondence address?

    The registry address may be changed only at Bank's Branch.

    The correspondence address may be changed only at Bank's Branch or over the TeleMillennium line at 801 331 331 or (0-22) 598 40 40

  • How to transfer funds from abroad onto account at Bank Millennium?

    When making international transfer order onto account at Bank Millennium, the following data should be submitted:

    • BIC code of the bank: BIGBPLPWXXX,
    • account number in IBAN standard: PL cc aaaa aaaa bbbb bbbb bbbb bbbb where: PL - Poland (country code), the other symbols are in line with the Bank Account Number (the User may find complete 26-digit account number at Current accounts > Account details in the Millenet system),
    • bank's address: Bank Millennium S.A. ul. Stanisława Żaryna 2A 02-593 Warszawa.

    At the same time the person who will send funds in favour of a specific account owner is under the obligation to state in the transfer the detailed data regarding name and surname of the Beneficiary, his home address and title of operation.

  • How to resign from the insurance package "Secure card" for the debit or credit card?

    Cancellation instruction for credit or debit card insurance may be placed at Bank's Branch or by TeleMillennium line at 801 331 331 or (0-22) 598 40 40.

  • Why did the interest rate of my mortgage change?

    The mortgage interest rate is composed of the current reference rate and Bank's fixed margin stipulated in the credit agreement. The current reference rate is always stated in the service pricelist.

    The interest rate for mortgage land home equity loans is composed of the Bank Millennium's fixed margin and floating reference rate (e.g. EURIBOR, LIBOR - depending on the loan currency) and is variable. When setting up loan interest rate for a given period, our Bank uses the reference rate from the last business day of the month preceding the next calendar year.

    Bank Millennium does not specify the reference rate - it is established on the interbank market and depends among others on the decision of the central bank regarding reduction or increase in interest rates.

    Interest rates in a given country depend on a number of factors, among others inflation, money supply, economic cycle, GDP, etc. Information on the reference interest rates for specific currencies is published and available in nationwide dailies and on the Website.

  • How to open investment account?

    Investment account may be opened at Bank's Branch (for list of Branches see Branch network), visit Customer Service Point at Millennium Dom Maklerski (list of brokerage houses) or use Internet application.

    The current service and commission pricelist related to the investment account at Millennium Dom Maklerski may be obtained at Milennium DM Pricelist site.