In this section you will find information how to order, change or delete, transfer, standing order and set MilleSMS options.
  • How to make domestic transfer?

    Millenet User may place transfer instruction at bookmark Transfers > Domestic. On the transfer form you are required to state recipient's account (if the recipient of the transfer is client of Bank Millennium it is sufficient to give only the last 8 digits in appropriate field), recipient's data, amounts and execution dates.

    Upon acceptance, at the first entering the specific recipient the system shall ask the User where it should save the recipient's data. We recommend that you use this option. Thus, with future transfers, the User will not have to fill out the entire form from scratch - it will be enough to select specific recipient with Select from the list option.

    All and any transfers defined by the User with current date will be displayed at bookmark Current accounts > Account details, whereas transfers with future date will be displayed at bookmark Transfers > Pending.

  • What data are required to make foreign transfer?

    Millenet User may order transfer at bookmark Transfers > Foreign. On the transfer form you are required to state correct recipient's account in IBAN standard, recipient's data, recipient bank's data, BIC code (SWIFT) of the recipient's bank and transfer amounts in selected currency.

    IBAN (International Bank Account Number) - is an international bank account numbering standard in force in the UE and Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. IBAN number was introduced by the virtue of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of 19 December 2001 on cross-border payments.
    BIC - (Bank Identifier Code) - is bank's code in the international trade issued by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).
    The foreign transfer ordered will be available at Transfers > Pending > Pending foreign transfers.

  • I have more than one savings and checking account. How to transfer funds between accounts?

    Millenet User may place transfer order at bookmark Transfers > Between my accounts.

    In case of placing order with present date the funds should be moved to the selected account immediately upon order confirmation

  • Why can't I transfer funds from Millennium 14D account?

    According to the Millennium 14D account regulations, the instruction to transfer funds from this account may be placed exclusively at Bank's Branch or by TeleMillennium line.

    The Millenet system supports only fund transfers to Millennium 14D account.

  • How to make transfer to ZUS?

    You can order a transfer in section Transfers > ZUS. On the transfer form provide your individual payer's account number assigned by ZUS and transfer description. You can also make a transfer to ZUS using a domestic transfer form.

    All payments defined with present date will be displayed in account history, whereas transfers with future date will be displayed in section Transfers > Pending as "ZUS Transfers

    To further simplify making transfers to ZUS, you can add your individual account number to the list of beneficiaries, and avoid filling in the form every time.

  • How to make additional transfer (to the Treasury Office)?

    Millenet User may place transfer order at bookmark Transfers > Tax. On the transfer order you are required to select proper type of form, tax authority, type of identifier and proper premium amount.

    All and any payments defined by the User with present date will be displayed at bookmark Current accounts > Account details, whereas transfers with future date will be displayed at bookmark Transfers< > Pending.

  • How to edit/delete transfer ordered with future date?

    User may edit or delete transfer placed with future date at bookmark Transfers > Pending. After screening the details of the transfer selected by the User (by clicking its name or blue flag on the right side of the name), options Edit or Delete.

  • How to place repeated payment (standing orders)?

    Millenet User may place standing transfer order at bookmark Standing orders > New standing order. On the proper form User may establish the recipient, start, end of orders, frequency, transfer amount and recipient's account number.

    Remember! For technical considerations of the manner in which Standing orders are recorded in the Bank's system, the required last execution date should be always augmented by a one day in the order completion date.

  • Why am I receiving message "Standing order cannot be created"?

    The system rejects Standing order instruction in case User gave incomplete address data of the transfer recipient (he did not fill out all the fields) or provided too small time bracket in relation to the frequency set. For example, in case of setting 1-month frequency, the date of order completion should be higher than the starting date by at least 1 month.

  • May I define recipient's data in order not to have to enter the data each time I place transfer order or Standing order?

    The user can add a new recipient via the Recipients > New recipient tab.After entering the relevant data, confirm them with "Accept" button.

    Adding a new recipient must be confirmed with the SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorisation in the mobile app. The system will notify you about adding the new recipient, who will be visible in the Recipients > List tab

  • What does "trusted" option mean when defining beneficiaries?

    The difference between a trusted recipient and a recipient is as follows: when transferring funds to a trusted recipient, you don't confirm the operation with an SMS P@sswords or Mobile Authorisation. There is no need to authorise transactions each time.

    Adding a recipient to the list of trusted recipients will be confirmed with an SMS P@ssword or Mobile Authorization.

  • How to open a term deposit?

    User may open a deposit by using option Deposits and then choosing proper type of term deposit from submenu. After displaying deposit opening screen User should select the term, amount and type of deposit (renewable/non-renewable). After entering proper settings, the deposit opening order should be confirmed with New deposit button.

    The deposit opened will be displayed at bookmark Deposits > List.

    If you mark option renewable the deposit will renew automatically after expiry of the current maturity, whereas if you mark non-renewable, the deposit will be closed and appropriate funds will be transferred to User's personal account.

  • How to terminate a deposit?

    User may terminate a deposit opened in Millenet system by using Terminate deposit button available on the deposit details screen at bookmark Deposits > List. After opening the deposit termination confirmation screen you may select account (in case you have more than one), to which the system is to transfer funds.

  • How to repay credit card debt in the Millenet system?

    Millenet User may make earlier repayment of the credit card overdraft at bookmark Cards > Detailed information and select option Earlier repayment. Note that deposit on the card account will be displayed only on the following day after the date of earlier repayment.

    Credit card overdraft repayment option is available only to the owners of the main card.

  • May I change PIN to my debit or credit card in Millenet?

    Users can change the PIN number of their debit or credit card in the Cards > Change PIN tab, by selecting the appropriate card in the selections field and entering a new PIN.

    Please remember that in order to confirm a PIN change you need to have a defined SMS P@ssword service or active Mobile Authorisation.

  • How to make earlier repayment of a cash loan or a mortgage loan?

    A cash loan can be repaid partially or fully through Millenet (in the product details), as well as via TeleMillennium or at any Bank Millennium branch.

    The mortgage loan can be repaid partially through Millenet (in the product details), as well as via TeleMillennium. The mortgage loan can be repaid in full at any Bank Millennium branch.

  • How to purchase Millennium TFI investment funds?

    User may purchase Millennium TFI funds at bookmark Investment Funds > Buy. In case of the initial use of the above option, you should first activate access to the investment fund registry.

    Activation can be performed at bookmark Investment funds > List and selection of option Activate. If User had already purchased units of the Millennium TFI funds earlier (via branch for example), the system will display them in the above option. If User has not had any units yet, the system will provide him temporary access to fund purchase option. If no purchase will be ordered within the end of a day activation has to be done again in this case.

  • How to activate MilleSMS service?

    To activate MilleSMS notifications just select suitable options in MilleSMS > Notifications and MilleSMS > Operations tabs. Currently defined phone number and account associated with the MilleSMS service is available in MilleSMS > View settings tab.

    The telephone number used for MilleSMS service is set up during SMS P@sswords activation process - it is not possible to define a separate telephone number.

  • How can I take part in the term deposit auction?

    User may place offer in the term deposit auction only during an auction. Auctions take usually part in cycles Monday from 9:00 - Thursday until 15:00.

    In order to make an offer User should first accept the Auction regulations at bookmark Auctions > Term deposit auctions and then place an offer with Add offer button.

    After the auction is closed and offers are processed by the bank system, User shall receive message on every offer he made.

    Note!!! The funds required to open the relevant deposit should be at the account before the auction is completed and should not be transferred until getting the message about the result of your bid. Otherwise, the bid made by Auction Participant may be rejected due to lack of funds required to open deposit.

    Please, note also from which account the auction bid is made (in case you have more than one checking and savings account).

  • How to activate the online statement service?

    User may activate the online statement service at bookmark Other services > Online statement > Registration. Ordering online statement is linked to simultaneous resignation from standard statement received by mail.

    In the first month customer may use the trial period after selection of trial period option - then he/she will receive the statement both in mail and online.

    The online statement service may be activated only by checking and savings account owners, who have active option of paper statements. The online statement service is not available for the clients who have credit card exclusively.

  • How to top-up your mobile in the pre-paid service?

    The top-up service is available at Mobile top-up > Perform top-up option. After selecting proper operator, phone number and transfer amount, the operation must be confirmed with Accept button.

    After performing the operation, the system will ask whether to add a defined number to the list of top-up beneficiaries, which at the next toping-up will allow selection of defined beneficiary from the list without the need to re-enter all the data again.

  • What additional options are available in Millenet?

    Millenet offers the following options: apply for loan holiday, early repayment, change payment date, grace period shortening, statement of paid interest.

    The options are accessible from the mortgage details, in case when the client does not have the access to Millenet he or she can visit the nerest branch.

  • How to use the morgage loan options in Millenet?

    Every sole mortgage owner has access to the mentioned options. In case of the joint mortgage (shared ovnership mortgage) both owners must sign the appropriate statement in one of the branches of Bank Millennium. The options cannot be used by clients that delayed the intallment payment. What is more it cannot be used by clients with loans granted by PTF.

  • What is mortgage loan payment holiday?

    Mortgage payment holiday option enables the client to put on hold the mortgage installment in the particular month. The amount of the installment will be proportionally distributed among all remaining installments of the mortgage. The option is accessible directly in Millenet in the mortgage loan details section.

  • How many times a mortgage holder can take advantage of the holiday payment option?

    The mortgage payment holiday option can used only once a year.

  • What is the early mortgage loan repayment and how can I use it?

    This option enables the Client to repay the mortage loan earlier that it was set in the mortgage agreement.

    It can be executed in two manners:

    • Early repayment with keeping the same mortgage period. The period of repayment stays the same, but the amout of the installment decreases.
    • Early repayment with shortening mortgage period. The period of repayment is shorter, but the installment stays the same.

    The option is accessible directly in Millenet (in the mortgage loan details) and in every branch of Bank Millennium.

  • What is the change payment date option in mortgage loans and how to use it?

    The option enables the Client to adjust the day of the monthy installment for individual needs.

    The option is accessible directly in Millenet (in the mortgage loan details) and in every branch of Bank Millennium.

  • What means to shorten the grace period in mortgage loans and how to do that?

    This option enables the Client to adjust the grace period for individual needs.

    The option is accessible directly in Millenet (in the mortgage loan details) and in every branch of Bank Millennium.

  • Can anyone make an instant transfer?

    Instant transfers are available to private and Biznes Customers, who have active access to the Millenet transactional system and have a current account in PLN, from which they can make transfers.

  • Do I need to pay for an instant transfer?

    Yes, this service is available for a price. The fee for a single transfer is as follows:

    Individual/Prestige Customers – PLN 5
    Private Banking Customers – PLN 0
    Biznes Customers – PLN 10
    The fee is fixed and does not depend on the transfer amount.

  • Can instant transfers be made at any time?

    In Bank Millennium instant transfers can be made on a 24/7 basis. Whether a transfer can be made to a specific bank depends on service availability as well as the hours of accepting such transfers.

    Check the Express ELIXIR website to see, which banks are already available in the system.

  • Can instant transfers be made from any account?

    An instant transfer can be made only from an account kept in PLN, which is available through the Millenet system.

  • Is there a limit on the daily amount of instant transfers?

    Yes, there are daily limits on instant transfers:

    • Individual/Prestige Customers – PLN 10,000
    • Private Banking Customers – PLN 50,000
    • Biznes Customers – PLN 20,000

    The utilised part of the daily limit for instant transfers is taken into account in the overall utilised amount of the daily limit for all transactions in Millenet (this can be changed in Millenet under the bookmark Profile/Security settings).

  • Can an instant transfer be sent to any bank?

    Bank Millennium is one of the first banks to join the system of instant transfers. The list of banks, to which instant transfers can be made, is available on the website Express ELIXIR – their number will gradually grow.

  • How to send transfer to email/mobile?

    The service is available in Millenet in menu Transfers > To email/mobile.
    The transfer form should be filled-in with email address or mobile phone number, beneficiary name and amount.
    After confirming the transfer on final screen will be displayed unique Password, which is required to log in to the Millenet system for the recipient to provide the number of the account, to which he wants the transfer to be sent. Password should be provided by sender to the transfer recipient exercising due care.
    Transfer dispositions will be shown on the list of Pending transfers in Millenet.