What are SMSP@sswords?

SMSp@ssowrds are one-time codes sent to your moblie phone number.

In the Millenet SMSP@sswords are used for authentication of operations in Internet Banking system for individuals.

How to activate SMSP@sswords?

SMSP@asswords activation is performed by mobile phone number definition to which the one-time codes will be sent used to confirm operations executed in Millenet. There are two ways of SMSP@sswords activation:

Step 1. In Millenet using P@ssword2 printed out in Millennium ATM:

  • Print out P@ssword2 in Millennium ATM (using debit or credit card).
  • After logon to Millenet, system will request mobile phone number, to which SMSP@sswords will be sent.
  • After confirming that number you will receive SMS with first SMSP@ssword that should be put on the screen in Millenet.
  • As confirmation of SMSP@sswords activation, system will request 3 digits from your P@ssword2.

Step 2. Using Telemillennium:

  • Contact the Bank following the phone number 801 24 HELP (801 244 357) or +48 22 598 40 50 (for connections from abroad and cell phones).
  • Choose option 3 (for English).
  • Choose option 2.
  • Enter your 8-digits MilleKod.
  • Enter your 8-digits P@ssword1.
  • You will be contacted with an operator in a while.

The process to change/unlock your number used for SMSP@asswords is similar to activation.

You can remove your number used for SMSP@asswords in Millenet.


  • Security. SMSP@ssword is unique for each operation. You can authorize only the operation for which it was generated. In addtion to this higher security level is provided by introducing two separate devices necessary to perform an operation.
  • No additional cost. SMSP@ssword service will be fully free of charge. Bank will pay for sent SMS's.
  • Memorizing of P@ssword2 will be unnecessary. Bank will send SMSP@ssword always when you perform operation that should be authorized.
  • You can activate SMSP@ssword at any moment