Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite

About the card

Millennium MasterCard World® Signia™/Elite™ credit card is above all a convenient and practical payment instrument which can be used to pay for goods and services in millions of retail outlets in Poland and worldwide. Travelling abroad you do not have to worry about currency exchange because all card transactions are cleared in Polish zlotys.

APR 19.05%

MillenniumMasterCard World Signia/Elite also provides easy access to cash. If needed you can get a cash advance in the local currency in any cash machine bearing the MasterCard symbol or in a bank which is a MasterCard association member.

People who like online shopping from the comfort of their home can also pay with their card.

The card supports contactless functionality which permits making contactless payments for any amount, without the need to confirm them with a PIN number or signature up to PLN 50. This is the quickest and most convenient way to pay for minor shopping.

Cost of credit


  • World MasterCard Rewards

    World MasterCard Rewards is a special programme for holders of the unique Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite card. Each payment with the card gives an additional benefit to its holder. From the activation of the card after each cashless transaction points are automatically added to the holder's individual account in the programme.

    After logging on to the World MasterCard Rewards platform or calling the Private Banking Line you can check the number of accumulated points and redeem them for air tickets or other benefits.

    World MasterCard Rewards platform

    To bring the programme participants closer to the interesting rewards points can also be got by paying with the Millennium World Debit MasterCard card. Also points for payments with use of the supplementary card issued to Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite basic card made by the programme participant's relatives are also added.

  • World Elite MasterCard Privileges Europe

    World Elite MasterCard Privileges Programme is a special programme of privileges for holders of the prestigious Millennium MasterCard World Elite™ card offering rebates and special deals with selected partners. It provides a wide range of unique benefits offered by the most renowned R&R partners. Also the best car rental companies are available. Holders of the Millennium MasterCard World Elite credit card have a broad range of best services and privileges at their disposal.

    Examples of benefits available from selected hotels:

    • higher standard room if available,
    • earlier check-in,
    • late check-out,
    • guarantee of room availability,
    • priority check-in.

    Examples of benefits in selected car rental companies:

    • free-of-charge car upgrade,
    • preferential prices.


    In case of Avis and Hertz earlier registration in club is necessary.

  • Priority Pass

    The Priority Pass Programme is an international pass to over 600 exclusive lounges at airports in over 100 countries worldwide. A valid Priority Pass card gives its holders and their guests access to selected airport lounges and the availability of various amenities and services regardless of travelling class and airline which provides the flight.

    A named Priority Pass card is issued free-of-charge to holders of the Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite credit card. The Bank will also not charge membership fees or fees for using the airport lounges. The Priority Pass card remains valid for 3 years just as the Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite credit card. Before the end of its validity the card will be automatically renewed and delivered by the Relationship Manager.

    In case of loss or theft of the Priority Pass card this must be promptly reported to the Bank.

    A list of available lounges, amenities and services as well as rules of the Priority Pass Programme are described on the Priority Pass Programme website at

Inspirations programme

Paying with a Millennium cards in stores as well as various service outlets you can enjoy attractive rebates. Currently there are close to 1 000 merchants who will give you the rebate!

Insurance packages

Insurance packages

The insurance package gives holders of the Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite credit card a feeling of security in every situation in Poland and abroad. Availability of insurance cover is notwithstanding use of the card, while the insurance covers both the card holder and his/her family members.

Assistance packages

The Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite credit card holder is covered by the assistance package.

Concierge Package

The holder of a Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite credit card is covered by the concierge package.

How to get

Contact with Private Banking Advisor

Private Banking Line

801 115 115

How to restrict

Just call one of the special phone numbers below:

+48 22 598 41 14 - blocking all the cards of Bank Millennium (available 7/24)
801 115 115 - Private Banking Line fixed line calls and mobile
+48 22 598 40 41 - Private Banking Line mobile and international calls

Additional information

Credit cost and legal note

Representative example for Millennium MasterCard World Elite: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 19.05%; total amount of credit (net of debt-financed costs): PLN 50 000; total amount due: PLN 55 206.02; variable interest rate 10%; total cost of credit: PLN 55 206.02 (including: sum of monthly fees for the credit card PLN 2 000.00; interest PLN 3 206.02), assuming that the granted credit limit is disbursed outright in the full amount as a non-cash transaction and is repaid in 12 equal monthly instalments of PLN 4 600.50. The calculation was made as of 2.07.2019 on a representative example.

The Bank assesses the Applicant's creditworthiness and credibility each time before granting credit card; in justified cases, it may refuse to grant the card. The card comes with free of charge insurances: Bezpieczna Karta Package, Ubezpieczenie w Podróży Zagranicznej AXA and Travel Assistance Package. The above service or insurance may be cancelled at any time during validity of the card agreement. Fees, interest rate as well as other details are stipulated in the Rules and Regulations on Credit Cards Issued by Bank Millennium SA; Price List – Credit Cards Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite, Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite VIP, Insurance Package Terms & Conditions for Millennium MasterCard World Elite - available in Millennium branches and on Offer details are also available from Private Banking Line by calling 801 115 115.