Payment cards insurances

Ochrona Karty for debit and credit cards

Bezpieczna Karta (Safe Card) for debit and credit cards

Pewna Spłata (Certain Repayment) for credit cards

Travel insurance for credit cards

  • Claims filing

    If when staying abroad, you have an accident, sudden onset of a disease or in case of another incident covered by the Assistance insurance, then before you take actions on your own, you should contact Generali’s Centrum Pomocy open 24/7, calling the following telephone number +48 521 05 92.

    When contacting Generali’s Centrum Pomocy the Insured or person acting on his behalf should state:

    • Card type and number,
    • Name and surname of the insured,
    • Explain in detail to the officer on duty the current circumstances of the Insured,
    • Define what assistance he needs,
    • State the telephone number, at which Generali’s Centrum Pomocy may contact the Insured or person acting on his behalf,
    • Provide the doctors from Generali’s Centrum Pomocy access to all the medical information.

    The following are conditions for claim processing by Generali:

    • compliance by the Insured or person acting on his behalf with the recommendations of Generali’s Centrum Pomocy, providing all the necessary information and authorisations;
    • enabling Generali’s Centrum Pomocy to perform actions required for determination of the circumstances of the loss, rationale behind amount of the claim, providing by the Insured or person acting on his behalf any and all necessary assistance and clarifications.

    The condition for claim processing by Generali is reporting the loss on a completely and correctly filled out Generali’s form.

  • Communication with your Insurer

    Generali T.U. S.A.

    Budynek Marynarska Point
    ul. Postępu 15B
    02-676 Warszawa

  • Insurance resignation

    In case of Classic cards, you may resign from the insurance whenever you wish through submission of your insurance resignation statement at Bank Millennium’s branch, in writing, or over the phone at TeleMillennium.

    If Card holder submits his resignation from insurance protection under the international travel insurance, the insurance protection lasts until the last day of the calendar month, for which the last insurance fee was collected.

    In case Gold and Platinum cards, insurance protection expires along with expiry of the credit card agreement.