Advantages of our offer

  • Simple and clear loan granting procedures

    Transparent procedures

    • few documents required for loan approval
    • in the case of DIY house construction no need to present invoices for construction materials purchased and works done
    • flexibility regarding individual cases of Customers

  • Acceptance of numerous sources of income

    Our offer is available to all those who earn regular income in Poland or abroad. We accept various forms of employment and income:

    • contracts of specified and unspecified duration
    • Civil Law contracts e.g. contract of mandate or contract to perform a specified task
    • contracts
    • income from real estate rent (out of business activities)
    • regular old-age or disability pension of unspecified duration
    • business activity
    • income from farms
    • income of sailors and other people employed on ships

  • Favourable lending period

    We offer favourable lending period - up to 35 years.

    The longer lending period you choose, the lower monthly debt service costs are. Please note, however, that prolongation of lending period results in an increase in total amount of interest rates accrued.

  • Opportunity to satisfy a number of various needs with just one loan

    Fulfilling a number of your needs

    • typically a mortgage loan is intended for purchase, construction or renovation of a house or flat, as well as refinancing the costs incurred for housing purposes in the last 12 months
    • what is special about our offer is that we also finance less typical purposes, e.g. purchase of a construction plot of land or an all-year house on a recreation plot of land or farmland
    • you can get money for any purpose thanks to our Home Equity Loan
    • our Debt Consolidation Loan will allow you to repay a number of different types of consumer loans with a single, more favourable loan
    • our Mortgage Loan or Debt Consolidation Loan can provide you with extra money for various expenses, not necessarily home-related, and all this for a much lower price than the current interest rate on your consumer loans. Please inform our branch staff what extra funds will satisfy your needs.

  • Professional and Customer-friendly service

    • visit our branch and meet our Loan Advisor or one of our branch staff members specializing in mortgage loans
    • during the meeting our advisor will help you choose the most suitable offer. They will also assist you in working out optimum solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Attractive interest rates

    Millennium mortgage interest rates consist of:

    • WIBOR 3M reference rate
    • the Bank's margin.

    Your margin will depend on the loan amount as well as on the relation of loan amount against collateral real estate value.
    Low margins offered by Millennium result in very attractive interest rates of Millennium Mortgage Loan.

  • Individual repayment schedule

    Your individual repayment schedule will allow you to adjust your loan to your needs, plans and preferences

    • we offer you to repay your loan in fixed or decreasing installments
    • within the lending period, as new plans, dreams or ideas will be emerging you can increase your loan amount
    • you can repay your loan earlier - no fees are charged after 4 years of lending period as well as within the first four years unless total amount of early repayments exceeds 30% of loan amount granted.

    If you wish to amend terms and conditions of your loan agreement, all you have to do is just fill in Application for loan amendment and submit it to any Millennium branch.

  • Mortgage repayment facilities

    • you can postpone repayment of loan principal. The maximum grace period can last up to 24 months in the case of a Mortgage Loan or 6 months for Home Equity loans. If you choose to take advantage of grace period, you will only repay interest rates on the principal disbursed
    • once a year you can skip one monthly repayment and take advantage of loan holidays (the option is available after one year of timely debt service). Next month you take up loan repayment based on a new payment plan. Subsequent monthly repayments will be higher, as loan holidays never result in prolongation of lending period.

    Loan holiday is a way to administer your expenses freely, especially in times of intensified spendings. All you have to do is just inform the Bank you would like to take loan holidays 14 days before the next monthly repayment date(or 3 days, if you apply on-line).