Birthdays, weddings or first holy communion create opportunities for everyone to celebrate. Most often this requires us to buy an exceptional gift. Don't leave it until the last moment! 

You will certainly have to cover these expenses, fortunately you know about them well in advance when you are invited to celebrate. What gift will you bring to the host?

Think about upcoming holidays

The best gifts are those which were well thought over, with a message, coming straight from the heart. Think well in advance what would make bride and groom or children happy on Christmas and … start saving. Money saved you can spend, with clear conscience, to buy gifts for your loved ones and satisfaction will be even greater. Konto Oszczędnościowe Twój Cel can help you out since it helps you track your progress in saving.

At the last moment

However, i fan unexpected invitation comes and you have to buy an attractive gift you can do it – the amount you are short of can be quickly obtained by opening a Bank Millennium Current account limit. Try it out, you also like to receive a well suited gifts.

Right products to meet your needs

Current account limit

Flexible financing of current need.

Credit card

Provides financial freedom and many practical privileges. When using the card to pay, you can use interest-free credit for up to 51 days.

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