Secure the future of your children

They may by small or perhaps they enter maturity. Help them make their choices also in financial terms. Do you know how to do it?

Do you sometimes think what will become of your children? Where will they live, will they have their own children … Before they grow up and come of age, think how to help them financially, give them capital to help them start their independent lives.

Good start fund

As long as 5they are small you can save small amounts to turn out to a significant amount when your children are ready to leave their nest. We encourage long-term saving by offering you with a choice of an investment fund manager by Millennium TFI. In future, your child will be able to use accumulated funds for any purpose – purchase of a flat, paying tuition fees or buying his/her first car.

Investing in mutual funds involves risk of loss as well as the obligation to pay fees and tax. The Fund does not guarantee the investment objective or specific investment result. The value of net assets of Millennium Funds is or may be characterised by high volatility due to the composition of investment portfolios. The issuer, the guarantor or the guarantor of securities representing more than 35% of the assets of Millennium Funds (excluding the Millennium SFIO) may be the Treasury, National Bank of Poland, the U.S. government, the European Central Bank or the European Investment Bank. The full description of Millennium Funds, including a description of risk factors is contained in prospectuses and Key Investor Information Documents of individual Funds are available in branches of Bank Millennium S.A., in the seat of Millennium TFI S.A and on the website

Amounts invested in the product are not covered by the guarantee system BFG.

Right products to meet your needs

Investment Funds

Unlimited investment possibilities diversified in terms of potential yield, risk level and time horizon.

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