Saving money for unexpected expenses

Do not let yourself be surprised by unexpected expenses! 

It is always better to be prepared for unexpected developments.

Use your foresight

Do you sometimes wonder whether you will be able to manage by yourself in a moment of crisis? Do you have savings that could serve as safety cushion? If you decide to save for the future, think about the account Koncie Oszczędnościowym designed for tis very purpose to help you track your inflows and observe interest capitalisation.

Or, perhaps, a time deposit…

Lokata Millenet is another way to save for the future an excellent solution for all those who want to effectively manage their free cash by depositing it on time deposits with different maturities. You can open the time deposit via Internet service Millenet or Mobile Banking at any time or place.   

Right products to meet your needs

Konto Oszczędnościowe

Choose sure profit on savings as well as the convenience of free access to the accumulated money.

Lokata Millenet

Online depostit, which you can set up both in PLN as well as USD, EUR and GBP.

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