Budget planning

Sometimes your household budget is out of control. We spend too much for thinks we do not need and later think „why did I bother to buy it"? You can change it … 

You can control your household budget to a lesser or greater extent – specify in detail things you spend money on and get a simple answer – Am I making a mistake somewhere?

Unnecessary expenses

Among your expenses you could find items that you can easily forgo. It is your choice. Money saved this way you can deposit onto a savings account (e.g. Twój Cel) or place in time deposit to collect, with satisfaction, more after some time.

Define your objective

In longer perspective, savings will turn into a significant pool or money and you will be the only one to decide what to spend it for. If you need to be encouraged to take a closer look at your expenses, we offer you a tool integrated with Internet account – the Finance manager. Look how simple it really is … 

Right products to meet your needs

Finance Manager

Thanks to the Finance Manager you can easily control your expenses and manage savings.

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