Unexpected expenses

Some say that they cannot afford saving. Is it true? Costs they will have to cover in case of unexpected, urgently needed expenditures will be much higher! 

Unexpected expense – can happen suddenly, at any moment, will surprise you when you least expect it. It will come out of the blue and you will rush to think how to deal with the problem.


Washing machine breaks down and can't be repaired, wedding gift we have forgotten about, sudden trip and many more. The far-sighted will break down piggybank or terminate a deposit they keep for a rainy day and manage to resolve the problem. Foresight pays off!

It can happen to anybody

Think now about savings that will come in handy in an emergency, do not let life surprise you! Check how can we help you. 

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Lokata Millenet

Online depostit, which you can set up both in PLN as well as USD, EUR and GBP.

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