For a specific purpose

It is worth waiting for good things to happen. They bring greater satisfaction when you have patiently saved enough. What would make you happy? 

Is there a thing you dream about and can wait patiently to get it done? It may be a renovation of your kitchen, a holiday in an exotic place or, perhaps, a new car?

Choose what you want to achieve

Even if you cannot define a specific objective now, think about it and start saving! Think how much you can accumulate in a year by saving small amounts of money. Our account Konto Oszczędnościowe Twój Cel – the name itself suggest a meticulous approach – can help.

What are you going to spend accumulated capital for?

Konto Oszczędnościowe Twój Cel is a convenient savings account with monthly interest capitalisation and attractive interest rate. You can use the account to independently define objectives of your saving and track your progress. Each consecutive, even small payment will bring you closer to achieving your objective. Want to learn more? 

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