Your sport plans go further beyond jogging paths you know so well? Think about what you want to accomplish, leave organisation to us.  

Sporty life inspires greater and greater crowds. Excellent! Millions of Poles moved from their sofas to take proper care for their health and figure. For some one swimming pool card is not enough …

What discipline do you chose?

The number of breath-taking disciplines is huge! Some taste better when performer under ideal conditions. Surfing? Obviously Hawaii! Diving? In Australia! Skiing in June? Only on a glacier …

Don't lose even a single moment

If you are an enthusiast of one discipline and you know its costs, you are likely to be able to save enough to carry out your sport plans. However, if you have made a spontaneous decision or you are short of a specific amount to fulfil dreams about wild adventure, you know where we are. Take advantage of our Cash Loan – quickly and without unnecessary banter. Adventure awaits! 

Right products to meet your needs

Current account limit

Current account limit Elastyczna forma finansowania bieżących potrzeb. Flexible financing of current need

Credit card

Provides financial freedom and many practical privileges. When using the card to pay, you can use interest-free credit for up to 51 days.

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