Own business

Do you sometimes think about „being on your own"? We will give you some hints how to take the first step. Or, perhaps, next made on your own will lead you to success! 

Your brain is bursting with ideas? Every day, you play different scenarios in your head where you are a president of your company?

Take the first step

If you want, in your dreams, to be your own boss running e.g. small bakery or a bistro in a fashionable district of your town, you could successfully make your first step! To start with, think about what you need – a delivery van, percolator to brew the best coffee in town? See, what financial resources you have, count your savings and we can talk in our branch about amounts you are short of. You do not believe that your plan can fall through? We have already helped many entrepreneurial Clients and today we can congratulate them on their success.

What next?

When you go through the first difficulties connected with setting up your business, do not worry, we will be there for you. Should you need more than company account only – contact us and check what we can offer! 

Right products to meet your needs

Mój Biznes Account

Do you run a sole proprietorship? Open business account and manage your finances smoothly wherever you are, through mobile app and internet banking.

Need more informations?

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