First account

Everybody will eventually chose their first account. Soon, you will have to learn how to manage your money – check what we have prepared for you. 

It is for you to decide

To start with, think about what will you expect from a good bank. Modern approach? Low level of fees for day-to-day operations? Large number of outlets where you will be able to do your business? Perhaps availability of many products under one roof would be your priority? Bank Millennium will provide you with all these and similar benefits.

Adjust your account to your requirements

Imagine an ideal account. It can be free-of-charge, you have access to it wherever you want, round the clock 7 days a week. More, it gives you the use of all ATMs in Poland and worldwide free-of-charge. In addition, your account will protect you against unexpected problems by providing you with 24 hours medical assistance and home assistance. Impossible? Now, it is available! The new Konto 360° account gives a response to all your daily needs!

Right products to meet your needs

Konto 360°

Imagine a perfect account. It is free of charge, convenient, available wherever you are, 24/7.

Konto 360° Student

We know very well how many things are on your mind. That is why you should open Konto 360° Student today, as it is created for your comfort.

Debit card

Provides easy access to the funds on your account.

Need more informations?

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