Learning and studying

Borrowing to finance learning and high education? It makes sense! This is why you want to gain knowledge to increase your qualifications and earn more in the future. 

You have come up with an idea to go back to school and you think about enrolling in post-graduate studies? Or, perhaps, you are now holding the „matura" diploma thinking „what next"?

First – chose your studies

Whether you are thinking about extramural studies, supplementary studies to improve your qualifications or you want to develop your hobbies by enrolling, for instance, on painting courses , most likely you will need money. Often, when improving qualifications, you will be able to take advantage of partial or total funding provided by employer. However, if you have to rely on yourself only think how to finance your learning. We have several ways to help you out …

Good investment

Current account limit will help you fulfil your education plans. It is worth remembering that every way to improve your skills opens up doors to a better job. Hence, investing in education always pays off! 

Right products to meet your needs

Konto 360° Student

We know very well how many things are on your mind. That is why you should open Konto 360° Student today, as it is created for your comfort.

Current account limit

Flexible financing of current need.

Debit card

Provides easy access to the funds on your account.

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