Child upbringing

Support your child from early age! Invest in the child's future choosing the child's education path. Do you know how to deal with it? 

A lot of time could pass before you child discovers his/her greatest passions and learn what he/she would like to do in his/her life. You want your daughter to be a prima ballerina and your son to be a famous cardiologist? Support their enthusiasm, develop their interests and they will find their proper paths themselves …

The first step into maturity

First of all – self-reliance. From early childhood it is worthwhile to teach responsibility and show a value of money. Opening an account Konto 360° Junior and gradually teaching your children how to plan their expenditures and manage pocket money is a perfect way to teach them how to be independent. They might soon teach us – for instance how to operate mobile application? Or they could grow up to become famous economists?

Do I have to forgo things?

The number of additional extracurricular activities that your child can attend is unlimited: horse riding, ballet, language lessons, swimming... the only limiting factor i show much money you have available. When you are certain that your child is happy with these activities, do your best to give your child a chance to attend. It's not worth your while to save on education! There are several solutions available to you.

Education will pay off in the future

You can set up a special fund when your child is born. Regular, even small payments to the fund will grow to a sizable amount when your child goes to first grade. Bank Millennium offer several interesting solutions to those who have not been sufficiently far-sighted. Do you want to learn about them? 

Right products to meet your needs

Konto 360° Junior

Konto 360° Junior is a perfect solution which will help you to manage your own budget in the easiest and most convenient way.

Prepaid card

One card. Million possibilities.

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