Lokata Kompletna

Lokata for new money as much as 2.10% per annum during the first 6 months! And 1.70% in next 6 months!

Term 12 months

Interest rateup to 2.1% per annum

Amountfrom PLN 1 000 to PLN 200 000

Lokata Horyzont Zysku

A deposit for new money, which will ensure a high yield guaranteed over a longer period.

Termfrom 15 to 24 months

Interest rateup to 2% per annum

Amountfrom PLN 1 000 to PLN 100 000

Lokata Mobilna

3-month deposit with a very attractive interest rate, available only in the Mobile Application.

Term3 months

Interest rateup to 2.75% per annum

Amountfrom PLN 500 to PLN 10 000

Lokata Coraz Lepsza

Ensures a high interest rate during 2 years as well as access to the money after every quarter without losing interest.

Term24 months

Interest rateaverage 1.41% per annum (from 0.80% to 2.40%)

Amountfrom PLN 1 000

Lokata SuperProcent

A promotional term deposit with a higher interest rate, available for attractive periods.

Lokata Rosnąca

12-month deposit with the interest rate higher every month and access to the money after every full month without losing interest.

Lokata Millenet

Flexible term deposit in PLN, USD, EUR and GBP with high interest rate.

Lokata Aukcje

Lokata Aukcje is a unique solution, which allows Millenet users to win in an auction an exceptionally high interest rate on term deposits.

Lokata Millennium

Lokata Millennium is a standard term deposit tailored to your needs – it can be set up for a term from 1 day up to even 24 months.


DuetPlus combines an investment in a mutual fund with an attractive term deposit.

Wygodny Duet

Wygodny Duet is a combination of an attractive term deposit and life insurance with Wygodny Portfel insurance capital fund.

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