Get 200 PLN with Impresja credit card (APR 14.55%)

Order card, meet the promotion requirements and pay 0 PLN monthly fee for a whole year

Order card Credit cost and legal note

Gain 200 PLN and a year without a monthly fee for the credit card

Order Impresja credit card in promotion with a limit of min. 3000 PLN (APR 14.55%):

  • apply in Millenet or mobile app till 10 January 2020
  • make non-cash transactions by card for min. 250 PLN in each of the next three months
  • 200 PLN will be transferred to your credit card account (the reward pool is limited)
  • don't pay monthly fee for the card for a year - make at least 1 payment a month

About the card

What can you get with Millennium Impresja credit card (APR 14.55%)?

More information about the product can be found in the user guide and in the credit costs.

Refund up to 5%

Shopping with Impresja credit card is cheaper because you receive up to 5% cash back on shopping in more than 20 Partners' stores - up to 760 PLN per year.

Refund up to 5%

Karta Impresja

Karta Impresja
Shopping in our Partners will now be even more exciting:
  • programme is combined with other promotions and special offers (e.g. Stylish Shopping)
  • you don't have to ask for up to 5% spending refund in the shop - the Bank will automatically transfer it to your card account

In Carrefour hypermarkets and supermarkets you get bonus 1.5 PLN for every 30 PLN spent in the form of vouchers. You can use them during your next shopping.

Carrefour applies bonus for products bought on Mondays and Fridays (excluding alcohol, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, fuel, prepaid phone and energy top-ups, infant formula and all products for which a non-fiscal receipt is issued, e.g. insurance, gift cards, Lotto lottery, Eurojackpot lottery and "My Bills" service). Promotion is combined with other special offers organized by Carrefour.

The 5% refund for shopping in our Partners' stores shall be posted to your card account at the beginning of each month. In Carrefour shops you will get it immediately in the form of vouchers.




Paying with Millennium cards in stores as well as various service outlets you can enjoy attractive discounts. Currently there're close to 1000 merchants who will give you discounts!

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Credit card service
Insurance, service fee**
Monthly fee for main card PLN 0* / PLN 7,99
Safety package PLN 3,99
Monthly fee for supplementary card PLN 0* / PLN 2,99
Monthly fee for Package Assistance Impresja PLN 4,99
Credit card service
Monthly fee for main card PLN 0* / PLN 7,99
Monthly fee for supplementary card PLN 0* / PLN 2,99
Insurance, service fee**
Safety package PLN 3,99
Monthly fee for Package Assistance Impresja PLN 4,99
  • * The first monthly fee shall be charged for the second full month from issuing the card. Subsequent monthly fees shall be charged in arrears – for the previous month. The fee will not be charged if in the previous month 5 non-cash transactions were done on given card.
  • ** Insurances, services are not mandatory.

Required documents

If you have been transferring your salary to an account in Bank Millennium since at least 3 months, all formalities will be limited to a minimum. The key document, which is required each time is an ID card. There is a list of documents below confirming income depending on its source.

  • Employment contract / contract of mandate / specific-task contract
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Retirement pension
  • Disability pension
  • Pre-retirement benefit

One of the options below:

  • confirmation of salary transfers over the last 3 months
  • PIT for the whole previous tax year
  • proof of income
  • annual tax return and a certificate from the Tax Office or a certificate from the ZUS/KRUS
  • revenue and expense ledger
  • confirmation of pension transfer for the last month
  • last pension payslip
  • last decision on indexation
  • last decision on pensionable remuneration
  • confirmation of disability pension transfer for the last month
  • last disability pension payslip
  • last decision on remuneration
  • decision on granting the disability retirement pension
  • confirmation of benefit transfer for the last month
  • last benefit payslip
  • last decision on remuneration
  • decision on granting the benefit

How to get

Online application

If you are not our Client, contact us.

If you are our Client, apply in Millenet.

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How to restrict

Lost or stolen card should be restricted immediately. Call one of the special numbers:

801 331 331

TeleMillennium phone number for fixed line callers and mobile callers

+48 22 598 40 40

TeleMillennium phone number for mobile or international callers

A card can be also restricted in Millenet and mobile app.

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