Millennium Impresja credit card

About the card

What you get with Millennium Impresja?

  • up to 5% cash back on shopping in our Partners' stores - up to PLN 760 per year, irrespective of other special offers and rebates. More
  • 0% Easy Instalments (APR 1,88%) - you can pay off your card later by dividing selected transactions or used limit into interest-free monthly instalments even twice a year. More
  • Assistance Impresja Package - you no longer need to worry about car breakdown, flat tyre or household appliances failure. Make one call and we'll take care of everything. More

For more information about cards please see the User guide.

Cost of credit

Refund up to 5%

Shopping at our Partners will now be even more of a pleasure:

  • the programme is combined with other promotions and special offers,
  • you do not have to ask for up to 5% spending refund in the shop - the Bank will automatically make it to your card account,
  • the refund also applies to transactions done with the supplementary card,
  • in Carrefour supermarkets you will get bonus vouchers for every PLN 30 spent,
  • the Carrefour bonus applies to products bought on Fridays and Sundays (excluding alcohol, cigarettes, fuel, prepaid phones top-up and "My Bills" service).

The 5% refund shall be posted to your card account at the beginning of each month and in case of the Carrefour shops you will get it immediately in the form of vouchers.

Discover benefits the credit card has to offer


Complete safety

Attractive Pakiet Bezpieczeństwa consisting of SMS Notifications service on transactions made by card and “Ochrona Karty” (Card Protection) insurance pack.

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Contactless payments

Fast and convenient method of payment.

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Convenience of payment

Comfortable shopping in stores and on the Internet, freedom of the use of ATMs and payments under the card limit.

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Easy Payments Programme (APR 12.58%)

The Easy Payments Credit Programme permits repayment of spending done with the credit card in equal instalments with an attractive interest rate.

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Guarantee of the highest level of safety of Internet transactions provided by free 3D- Secure service.

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Convenience and comfort

Control over expenses in shops based on self-established daily limits. At any time, you may also check your account balance.

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MasterCard® Buy&Smile rebate programme

We invite holders of selected MasterCard cards from Bank Millennium* to take advantage of the Buy&Smile rebate programme.

To get up to 5% off the price of goods and services it is sufficient to buy them from programme partners (more than 2000 shops and service providers) paying with an eligible MasterCard card*.

Additionally by using the Buy&Smile mobile app you can easily check the availability of rebates in your area by using geolocation. The app for Android and Windows is available now, for IOS will be available soon.

Detailed information including the Programme Regulations, a list of programme partners and available rebates:

We wish you shopping with a smile!


* Following cards are eligible for the rebate programme: Millennium World Debit MasterCard, Millennium MasterCard Impresja, Millennium MasterCard Gold, Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite, Millennium MasterCard World Signia/Elite VIP.

Inspirations programme

Paying with a Millennium cards in stores as well as various service outlets you can enjoy attractive rebates. Currently there are close to 1 000 merchants who will give you the rebate!


Our Consultants will provide 7/24 detailed information and will carry out your instructions.

801 331 331
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Credit card service
Monthly fee for main card PLN 0* / PLN 7,99
Monthly fee for supplementary card PLN 0* / PLN 2,99
Insurance, service fee**
Safety package PLN 3,99
Monthly fee for Package Assistance Impresja PLN 4,99

* The first monthly fee shall be charged for the second full month from issuing the card. Subsequent monthly fees shall be charged in arrears – for the previous month. The fee will not be charged if in the previous month 5 non-cash transactions were done and booked on given card.

** Insurances, services are not mandatory.

Information about the loan cost

Required documents

The requirements for documenting income are very simple

  • If you have been transferring your salary to an account in Bank Millennium since at least 3 months, all formalities will be limited to a minimum
  • The key document, which is required at all times is a Personal Identity Card

Above is a list of documents, confirming income depending on its source.

  • Employment or management contract / Contract to perform a specific task / Contract of mandate

    One option from:

    • Confirmation from Employer of income and employment in last 3 months
    • PIT for last year
    • proof of income

  • Business activity

    Documents required depending on the form of settlement:

    • annual tax return and a certificate from the Tax Office or a certificate from the ZUS/KRUS
    • book revenues and expenditures

  • Retirement pension

    One option from:

    • last decision on awarding the benefit
    • last pension slip
    • last decision on indexation
    • statement from bank account, confirming inflow of pension for the last month

  • Disability pension

    One option from:

    • last decision on awarding the benefit
    • last decision on indexation
    • last pension slip
    • statement from bank account, confirming inflow of pension for the last month

  • Pre-retirement benefit

    One option from:

    • decision of Labour Office/ZUS to grant the benefit
    • last decision of Labour Office/ZUS on indexation of the benefit
    • last pension slip
    • statement from bank account, confirming inflow of retirement/disability pension for the last month

How to get

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Call us

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How to restrict

Just call one of the special phone numbers below:

+48 22 598 41 14 - blocking all the cards of Bank Millennium (available 7/24)
801 331 331 - TeleMillennium fixed line calls and mobile
+48 22 598 40 40 - TeleMillennium  mobile and international calls

Additional information

Credit cost and legal note

Representative example for Millennium Visa/MasterCard Impresja: Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 14.12%; total amount of credit (net of debt-financed costs): PLN 5 000; total amount due: PLN 5 408.49; variable interest rate 10%; total cost of credit: PLN 408.49 (including: sum of monthly fees for the credit card PLN 87.89; interest PLN 320.60), assuming that the granted credit limit is disbursed outright in the full amount as a non-cash transaction and is repaid in 12 equal monthly instalments of PLN 450.71. The calculation was made as of 2.07.2018 on a representative example.

The Bank assesses the Applicant's creditworthiness and credibility each time before granting credit card; in justified cases, it may refuse to grant the card. The card offers optional, paid insurance "Assistance Impresja". Fees, interest rate and other details are contained in the Price List – Credit Cards, Regulations on Credit Cards Issued by Bank Millennium SA, Regulations on Reward Sales of Millennium Visa Impresja Credit Card Issued by Bank Millennium SA “Moneyback”, Regulations on Reward Sales of Millennium MasterCard Impresja Credit Card Issued by Bank Millennium SA “Moneyback”, Regulations on “Bonus up to 5% in the form of e-coupons for shopping on Fridays and Sundays with Millennium Impresja credit card”, terms of insurance “Assistance Impresja Package”, Product Sheet – Assistance Impresja Package – available in the Bank’s branches and on Offer details are also available in TeleMillennium by calling 801 331 331.