Credit Cards

Special cards

Millennium Alfa

The first credit card for men, with which you will get 5% Moneyback for shopping at the Partners’ stores.

Millennium Alfa is a credit card created specifically for men and tailored to their needs.

Save up to PLN 760 per year on male shopping,

Expenses can be spread into Easy Payments,

Choice of 2 smart graphics options.

Millennium Impresja

An exceptional credit card with a feminine soul and sense of shopping, thanks to which you will receive a refund of up to 5% for purchases at selected Partners.

The Impresja is the only card on the market created specifically with women in mind, which:

saves up to 760 PLN per year, in 1500 stores, in more than 20 partners, 365 days a year,

gives possibility to spread the expenses into Easy Payments,

allows you to select the image of the card and payment system - Visa or MasterCard.

Classic cards

Millennium Visa/MasterCard

The perfect proposal for Customers who expect unrestrained access to money in Poland and worldwide.

Millennium Visa and Millennium MasterCard has been created with a view to Customers who value unrestrained shopping in shops and in the Internet as well as ATM cash withdrawals. The card offers the possibility to spread repayment of transactions into instalments in the "Easy Payments" programme and also provides rebates from close to 1000 retailers.

Gold cards

Millennium Visa/MasterCard Gold

The perfect solution for Customers who value prestige and comfort both in Poland as well as when travelling abroad.

Platinum cards

Millennium Visa Platinum

Millennium Visa Platinum will satisfy the needs of Customers who value luxury, comfort, high quality and unrestrained access to money in Poland and worldwide.

Millennium Visa Platinum is a prestigious card. It provides its holder with invitations to cultural and sports events, guarantees rebates in hotels, car rental companies; unrestrained access to Assistance and Concierge services as well as travel insurance.

Co-branded cards

Piotr i Paweł Millennium MasterCard

This is an excellent proposal for Customers who often shop at Piotr i Paweł stores and expect unrestrained access to money in Poland and worldwide.

The Piotr i Paweł Millennium MasterCard card offers attractive rebates up to 5% when shopping in Piotr i Paweł supermarkets and online store. Additionally we provide rebates from close to 1000 retailers.

WWF Millennium MasterCard

WWF Millennium MasterCard is a proposal for Customers who care about nature and environmental protection and except unrestrained access to money in Poland and worldwide.

With the WWF Millennium MasterCard card you really support protection of the natural environment in Poland, because Bank Millennium will transfer half of the monthly fee for your card in the first year of use to the account of WWF Polska. Moreover the card is made from environmentally friendly PETG polyester, which is recyclable.