Loans comparision

  Mortgage Loan Home Equity Loan Debt Consolidation Loan Mortgage refinance
Purpose of the loan housing purposes, including i.a.:

- purchase of a flat (including a parking space/a garage)

- house construction (including a plot of land)

- purchase/building an all-year house on a recreational plot of land

any purpose repayment of liabilities with other banks (e.g. a car loan, credit card limits, c/a overdrafts, installment loans, cash loans etc.) repaying mortgage with another bank
Minimum loan amount PLN 20 000 PLN 20 000 PLN 20 000 PLN 20 000
Maximum loan amount

up to 90% of collateral real estate

up to 70% of collateral real estate

80% for Loan Consolidation intended in part for the purpose of housing,

70% for Loan Consolidation intended to refinance loans and loans other than residential.

up to 90% of collateral real estate

Lending period from 6 to 35 years from 3 to 25 years from 3 do 30 years from 6 to 35 years
Extra information Mortgage Loan Home Equity Loan Debt Consolidation Loan Refinance mortgage

Loan repayment:

  • fixed or decreasing installments
  • grace period (option to postpone loan principal repayment)
  • loan holidays (option to skip the repayment of one monhly installment)
  • loan conditions amendment (loan amount increase, earlier repayment etc.)

Loan collaterals:

  • final entry of the first mortgage on a residential real estate entered in favour of Millennium
  • assignment of rights under real estate insurance
  • assignment of rights under life insurance of the Borrower

Extra benefits:

  • extra funds for any purpose
  • opportunity to add the following fees (within max. available LTV):
    • loan granting costs and costs of early repayment of a loan with another bank
    • loan-associated costs (commission fee)
    • notarial and judicial costs
    • mortgage-associated costs
    • real estate agency's remuneration