Cash Loan - Special Offers

About the loan

Cash Loan special offer for financial and insurance sector employees

  • For employees of banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, investment funds and credit unions 
  • Attractive pricing
  • An even better offering for customers transferring their salary or net income to a personal account in Bank Millennium
  • Simple process of employment verification and quick credit decision
  • Loan tenor up to 7 years

All it takes to get the loan:

  • payment of salary or net income to an account with Bank Millennium during at least last 3 months (if you are our Customer) or
  • confirmation of employment issued by a financial/insurance institution stating the income or
  • statement of account held with another bank, confirming salary transfer from a financial/insurance institution for at least 3 last months, printed in a Bank Millennium branch

Prior to granting the loan the Bank shall evaluate the Applicant’s credit capacity and creditworthiness on a case-by-case basis; in justified situations the Bank may refuse to grant the loan. Detailed information about the loan is provided in the Rules and Regulations on Loans Granted to Individuals by Bank Millennium S.A. as well as in Cash Loan Price List and Regulations of the Lowest Interest Rate Guarantee Offering, available in Millennium branches and on Detailed principles of granting insurance cover under Bezpieczna Pożyczka insurance by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Europa SA and Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń na Życie Europa S.A. insurers are stipulated in Bezpieczna Pożyczka Insurance Terms & Conditions and in the Product Card.

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