Konto Osobiste

About the account

If you value your time and want convenience, our Konto Osobiste will come as a nice surprise.

Konto Osobiste brings many benefits:

  • free access to account management by phone (TeleMillennium) and the Internet (Millenet),
  • free cash withdrawals from Millennium ATMs,
  • free internal transfers online and by phone,
  • domestic online transfers in PLN, standing orders and bill payments - for merely 50 groszy,
  • free of charge setting up and modifying standing orders and bill payments,
  • free direct debit service,
  • account maintenance can be free of charge.

With Konto Osobiste you get unlimited access to many attractive products - from debit and credit cards, personal account limits, savings and credit products through to mutual funds and insurance.

Konto Osobiste - the personal way to comfort!
Offer details, including the way of identifying merchants, where card payments are subject to the money back, have been described in the Price list and Regulations.
Funds on Dobre Konto are BFG insured, pursuant to the Banking Guarantee Fund Act.


Our Consultants will provide 7/24 detailed information and will carry out your instructions.

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