Przyjazny Bank "Newsweeka" 2017

Bank Millennium chosen as the best bank in Poland in categories: traditional and mobile banking

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Konto 360° account

Konto 360º account full of benefits with a mobile app for every occasion, come rain or shine

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Buying vehicle insurance has never been easier

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  • Przyjazny Bank Newsweeka 2017

    Przyjazny Bank Newsweeka 2017

    1st place in categories: Bank for Kowalski, Mobile Banking
    2nd place in category: Bank in the Internet

  • Global Finance 2017

    Global Finance 2017

    Bank Millennium among winners in this year's international ranking

  • Euromoney Award for Excellence

    Euromoney Award for Excellence

    The Central and Eastern Europe's best bank for Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Golden Banker 2017

    Golden Banker 2017

    Bank Millennium wins in the category: Personal account.

  • Golden Bank 2017

    Golden Bank 2017

    Bank Millennium third in Poland in Golden Bank ranking: Best customer service

  • Golden Banker 2017

    Golden Banker 2017

    Bank Millennium wins in the category: Security – best practices.

  • 2017 Institution of the year

    2017 Institution of the year

    Bank Millennium named the best bank for online account opening process.

  • Service Quality Star

    Service Quality Star

    Bank Millennium was honoured with the prestigious Service Quality Star award.

  • Consumer’s choice

    Consumer’s choice

    The highest level of satisfaction and acceptance in the “Banking services” category.

Mobile and online banking