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Why Bank Millennium app?

Mobile app

  • When you don't have any cash with you

    Using the app you can pay in stores, make ATM withdrawals and shop online. More

  • When you want to check your account balance

    Make an instant account or credit card balance enquiry and see available funds even before logging in.

  • When you want to make a quick transfer

    You don't have to know the recipient's account number as transfer can be sent also to mobile number. More

  • When you want to gain access to special offers

    Term deposits with exceptional interest rates are available only to mobile app users. More

Discover how others see
our mobile app

In Everything revolves around you competition, participants show how they see and use Bank Millennium mobile app. The challenge was to record a 30-second video on the following theme: Wherever you are, whatever you do, Bank Millennium mobile app offers you freedom and opportunity to live life YOUR way..

Close to 100 videos were submitted to the competition. Among those, jury selected 10 best projects and from this group finalists were picked. The competition included also an Audience Award that was offered to the video that received the biggest number of votes from an online vote.

How to activate app?

  1. 1
    How to activate app? -

    Open the app

    Enter your MilleKod and received SMS P@ssword, then enter selected characters from your identifier e.g. PESEL number and Temporary P@ssword.

  2. 2
    How to activate app? -

    Define PIN and P@ssword 1

    Define a 4-digit PIN you will use to log in to the app and an 8-digit P@ssword 1 necessary to confirm transactions (e.g. transfers) and mobile app activation.

  3. 3
    How to activate app? -

    Go mobile!

    Now you can adjust the app to your needs - set your own background or functions available before logging in.


App activation is easy and will take you only a moment. Download the app, turn it on and press Activate to begin.

  • Enter MilleKod and confirm it with SMS P@ssword
  • Enter a previously defined password
  • We may ask you to enter also two characters from a selected identifier
  • Define PIN you will use to log in to the app


Frequently asked questions

  • What is the mobile application?

    The mobile application is special software installed in a mobile device, permitting access to bank accounts and use of bank services.

    How much does the mobile application cost?

    Downloading and using the Bank Millennium mobile application is free of charge. However you need to remember that the application connects with the internet. Check what fees are charged by your mobile network operator for data transfer.

    On what devices can I install the Bank Millennium mobile application?

    The application is available for mobile devices with Android systems (version 5.0 or higher) and iOS (version 10.0 or higher).

    Where can the Bank Millennium mobile application be downloaded?

    Click here to find out how to download and install the app in your device.

    On how many devices simultaneously can I activate the application?

    The application can be active on five devices at the same time. If you have the app active on five devices and you want to activate it on another device, first deactivate one of the devices by Millenet.

    Where can I get information on what devices the application has been activated?

    Log on to the Millenet system and select the menu bar option: Mobile Banking > My Devices.

  • What is MilleKod and what is it for?

    MilleKod is an 8-digit number needed to log on to the Millenet system. You were given Millekod in your agreement when setting up your account.

    What is the Mobile Password and what is it for?

    Mobile Password is an 8-digit password that is used to activate the app on a mobile device and to confirm transactions in the mobile app (for Clients who opened the account before 14 September 2019). Currently, if you want to change Mobile Password, it will be replaces by P@ssword 1.

    What Temporary P@ssword is and when is it used?

    Temporary P@ssword is defined by you during account application (4 digits) or received by you in a secure envelope in a Bank branch (8 digits). You will need this password to log in for the first time to Millenet or activate the mobile app.

    What P@ssword 1 is and when is it used?

    P@ssword 1, an 8-digit password defined by you to log in the online banking system and TeleMillennium. P@ssword 1 can be changed in Millenet in Security settings section. Please keep in mind that it should be a combination of different digits and should be difficult to guess by others.

    How to obtain P@ssword 1?

    P@ssword 1 is defined during first mobile app activation or first Millenet login.

    How to change/recover a forgotten or blocked Mobile Password?

    If you forget or block your Mobile Password, change it in Millenet. The Mobile Password can be changed in the menu option: Mobile Banking > Activation/Settings.

    What is the PIN number?

    The PIN number is an individual 4-digit number, which permits access to the mobile application. The PIN number is defined during activation of the application on a mobile device and is used as the password whenever logging on to the application.

    Can I change the PIN number?

    Yes, the PIN number can be changed in the option: Settings > PIN number change.

    The PIN number can also be changed in Millenet in the menu option: Mobile Banking > My Devices > PIN change.

    I do not remember the PIN number. What to do?

    Use the "Recover PIN Number" option in the application. You will be redirected to Millenet to Mobile Banking > My Devices > PIN change.

    What are the SMS P@sswords?

    SMS P@sswords are single-use codes sent by SMS to a mobile phone defined for this service. SMS P@sswords are used for approving operations in Millenet online banking system and are necessary in the mobile application activation process.

    Mobile Authorisation in the mobile app is an alternative way to confirm operations performed in Millenet. To confirm any operation carried out in Millenet all you have to do is to log in to the mobile app (with your PIN or fingerprint) and confirm the operation on the displayed screen with details of the operation.

    How to activate SMS P@sswords?

    To activate an SMS P@ssword you should define at the Bank the mobile number to which single-use passwords will be sent in order to confirm operations in Millenet. Activation takes place in the process of setting up a bank account.

    In Millenet after printing out a single-use P@sword 2 from a Bank Millennium ATM

    • Print out P@ssword 2 from a Bank Millennium ATM (you must have a debit or credit card)
    • After logging in to Millenet the system will ask you to enter the mobile phone number to which SMS P@sswords will be sent
    • After your number is approved, you will receive an SMS with the first SMS P@ssword, which will need to be entered in Millenet
    • At the end of the activation process the system will ask you to enter selected digits from P@ssword 2 printed out from the ATM

    Changing/unlocking a telephone number for SMS P@sswords is performed in the same way as activation. It is possible through TeleMillennium and Millenet only.

    You can block in Millenet the defined telephone number for SMS P@sswords.

    What is Mobile Authorisation?

    Mobile Authorisation is an alternative way to confirm operations performed in Millenet. To use Mobile Authorisation you will need Bank Millennium mobile app in which operations will be confirmed.

    How does Mobile Authorisation work?

    • In order to confirm an operation performed in Millenet, log in to the mobile app.
    • Once you log in, a screen will be automatically displayed showing operation details.
    • Select "Confirm" and you are all set! The operation is confirmed and you will see the confirmation screen both in the mobile app and Millenet.

    How to activate Mobile Authorisation?

    You can activate Mobile Authorisation conveniently in the mobile app. Go to Settings, select Mobile Authorisation and follow the instructions.

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