BLIK payments

BLIK promotions

Pay 39% less for highlighting comments on

  • 1 add your own comment on the portal or select a published one
  • 2 highlight the selected comment
  • 3 use BLIK payment and receive a 39% discount, pay 1.50 PLN instead of 2.46 PLN

The promotion lasts from 1 April 2019 from 00:00 till 12:00 on 31 August 20019 or until the value of the pool of offers for paid highlighting of comments intended by the Organizer for this Promotion is exhausted. The organizer of the campaign is the Group.

The rules of the promotion are specified in the "Highlighting comments by BLIK" regulations (in Polish).

Pay with BLIK and ride longer

  • 1 go to and log in to your account or create a new one
  • 2 pay with BLIK and rent a scooter
  • 3 get a 5% longer ride time (the paid amount increases by 5%)

The promotion lasts from 8 July 2019 till 25 October 20019. The organizer of the campaign is Hop.City.

Details of the promotion are avaialable in the special offer Regulations (in Polish).

Reaches your account in a flash and completely for free

Send BLIK transfers to mobile:

  • you do not need to know the account number you want to send money to
  • you only need recipient's phone number – enter it yourself or choose from the contact list of your phone
  • BLIK icon next to the phone number on the contact list in the app will show whether your friend can receive BLIK transfer to mobile
  • money will reach recipient immediately, also on weekends and holidays
  • you do not spend a thing because transfer is free of charge

If you also want to receive instant BLIK transfers to mobile:

Pair your phone number with the account number in the mobile app.
In order to do so:

  • log in to the Bank mobile app
  • on the main screen choose BLIK code > BLIK settings > Transfer to mobile settings or from the menu choose Settings > Payment settings > Transfer to mobile settings
  • select default account for BLIK transfers to mobile

Now you can conveniently send and immediately receive BLIK transfers to mobile, even at weekends.

Transfer can be made to a beneficiary who has an account in banks offering BLIK transfer to mobile service, therefore: Bank Millennium, Alior Bank, Santander Bank Polska, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, PKO Bank Polski, Getin Bank, T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe, BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, Bank Pekao S.A. i Spółdzielcza Grupa Bankowa

About BLIK

Forgot your wallet? That’s ok. You’ve got BLIK – secure and free mobile payments. All you need is a smartphone with Bank Millennium app.

Discover benefits of BLIK in 60 seconds (watch video)

It’s simple: instead of a payment card, use a 6-digit, one-time BLIK code displayed in the app. All BLIK transactions are authorized by mobile app PIN or “Accept” button.

  • no need to have a payment card
  • make ATM withdrawals
  • transfer money even if you don’t know the account number - check
  • pay in fixed POS and online

How does BLIK work?

  1. 1

    At an ATM or in online store select BLIK payment option or tell the merchant in POS you wish to pay by BLIK.

  2. 2

    On the ATM keypad, payment terminal or store’s website enter the 6-digit BLIK code from the app.

  3. 3

    Don’t forget to confirm the transaction on the app screen. That’s all!

BLIK checks

Send money to any person at any time. The recipient doesn’t even need to have a bank account, card or Internet access.

The recipient can then either make an ATM withdrawal or use the check to pay in POS or in online stores, while the unused amount will be automatically returned to your account.

In the Bank Millennium app specify the amount and validity of the check (from 15 minutes to 72 hours). Each check has a unique, 9-digit number. Define the password, which you will provide to the recipient together with the check number.

  • How to make a BLIK check ATM withdrawal?

    Prepare the check number and password you received from the check issuer.

    1. Select the BLIK withdrawal option in the ATM.
    2. Enter the 9-digit check number.
    3. Enter the check password.

  • How to pay in stores by BLIK check?

    Prepare the check number and password you received from the check issuer.

    1. Tell the merchant in a POS you wish to pay by BLIK or select the BLIK payment option in an online store.
    2. Enter the 9-digit check number.
    3. Enter the check password.

BLIK deposits

blik deposits step one
blik deposits step two
blik deposits step three

In a Cash Deposit Machine select BLIK deposit and enter the 6-digit BLIK code from the mobile app on the Cash Deposit Machine keypad

Confirm the transaction by entering the PIN in the mobile app

Insert banknotes into the Cash Deposit Machine and confirm the amount

blik deposits step one

In a Cash Deposit Machine select BLIK deposit and enter the 6-digit BLIK code from the mobile app on the Cash Deposit Machine keypad

blik deposits step two

Confirm the transaction by entering the PIN in the mobile app

blik deposits step three

Insert banknotes into the Cash Deposit Machine and confirm the amount

Shopping without code

Online shopping with BLIK has just become more convenient. Pay safely and even faster – instead of typing in the 6-digit BLIK code, make a single click in the mobile app.

  1. 1

    Make at least one transaction with a BLIK code in an online store.

  2. 2

    Once your transaction has been accepted, the app will ask you if from now on you wish to pay in this store or using the current browser without having to enter the code.

That's all! Next time you shop you'll pay even faster.

  • How to shop in online stores without code?

    You can shop without code using an Internet browser on your mobile or desktop device, e.g., smartphone, laptop or tablet. Whichever device you use, have your smartphone with you to confirm the payment in the Bank Millennium mobile app.

    You can easily manage Shopping without code in the mobile app. Add stores and browsers, in which you want to shop without code. You can remove them or add again anytime.

  • Is Shopping without code safe?

    Shopping without code is as safe as traditional BLIK payments with a code or card payments. Apart from daily payment limit and a maximum number of daily transactions, every transaction is additionally confirmed with a mobile app PIN.
    Learn more about security

Questions and Answers

  • How much does BLIK cost?

    The BLIK service is free of charge for all clients who use the Bank Millennium mobile app.

    To download and use the app you must have an Internet connection, for which your provider charges you independently.

    Fees and commissions charged on BLIK transactions are stipulated in the Price List.

  • Where can I pay by BLIK?

    In fixed point of sales carrying the BLIK logo and in online stores which support BLIK payments.

    Check where you can pay with BLIK - link opens in a new window

    BLIK logo

  • What are the daily limits for BLIK payments?

    Default settings of BLIK payments permit 20 transactions a day in the total amount of PLN 1,000. Limit settings can be changed in Millenet: Mobile Banking > BLIK payments > Settings.

    Limits not eligible for change:

    • single BLIK transaction – up to PLN 10,000,
    • single check amount – up to PLN 4,000,
    • daily amount of all checks combined – up to PLN 5,000.

  • Which ATMs can I use to make BLIK cash withdrawals?

    ATMs of Bank Millennium, PKO BP, ING, BZ WBK and Euronet.

  • Which phones support BLIK payments?

    BLIK payments are available for:

    • Android (4.0 or later),
    • iOS (9.0 or later).

  • What is a BLIK code and how to find it?

    BLIK code is a one-time, 6-digit authorization code that is displayed once you log in to mobile app. Each code is valid for 2 minutes, and once it expires, you can easily generate a new one.

    If you want to have a quicker access to mobile payments, you can add a special widget so that the code is visible even before you log in.

  • Where does the money for BLIK payments come from?

    BLIK payments are charged on your current account or your credit card. In BLIK settings in the app you can define various sources for different transactions (for ATM cash withdrawals, payments in fixed POS and in online shops).

    All BLIK payments charged on the current account or credit card are listed in the history of transactions both in Millenet and in the mobile app.

  • Can BLIK checks be used without Internet access?

    Yes, BLIK checks can be used without Internet access and without the need to log in to the app. Such BLIK check must be issued and saved beforehand.

    To cash a BLIK check it is necessary to have its number and password (the sender defines the password to the check when issuing it and discloses it in a confidential way to the recipient).

  • Can BLIK payments be made abroad?

    At the moment BLIK payments are available only in Poland.

  • How many BLIK checks can I issue?

    You can have 5 BLIK checks simultaneously active at any time. If you want to create further checks then you must use or delete the existing ones. Remember that checks have limited validity and expire automatically.

  • Can a BLIK check be cashed partly?

    A BLIK check can be used in full or in part, however it can be cashed only once. After using either all or a part of the check’s amount, the check automatically expires. If it was used in part – the remaining amount will be automatically returned to the check issuer’s account.

  • In which stores can I shop without code?

    Shopping without code is available in online stores that offer BLIK as a payment option. Shopping without code is not possible in fixed points of sale. Remember: before you will be able to shop without code in selected online stores, first make at least one transaction using BLIK code (for any amount).

  • What are the daily limits for Shopping without code?

    Default daily limit for Shopping without code is 20 transactions for the total amount of PLN 1000. To change the limit log in to Millenet, go to Mobile banking > BLIK payments> Settings and set a different limit for Internet transactions.

  • Do I need to confirm all BLIK transactions with mobile app PIN?

    Confirming with mobile app PIN is required for all Internet and ATM transactions. For greater convenience, you can confirm transactions in fixed points of sale with a single click on “Accept” button. To change the settings, go to BLIK payments menu in the mobile app and select BLIK settings > PIN confirmation.

  • I do not want to use BLIK payments but want to have access to the mobile app

    In this situation it is sufficient to block BLIK payments in Millenet. The app will remain active, without the possibility to use the BLIK system. The service can also be unlocked at any time. You can also block the service in any Bank Millennium branch.

  • How to change account number for BLIK payments?

    In the mobile app, whenever you want, you can change account number for making transactions using BLIK code.

    Log in and go to Payments > BLIK payments > BLIK settings, and choose the default account which will be debited in case of cash, non-cash and Internet transactions.

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Using BLIK mobile payments is safe - both the BLIK payment service as well as the app itself have a number of essential security features.

  • In order to log in to the app you have to enter PIN defined during activation.
  • Transactions made with a BLIK code always require confirmation - with the “Accept” button or PIN.
  • BLIK checks can be cashed only if the recipient knows both the check number and the check password.
  • Additionally, a Mobile Password is required to issue a BLIK check.

Remember that the BLIK check password is confidential and should not be disclosed to third parties. If you are issuing a BLIK check, inform the recipient of the check number and of password separately, e.g., send the check number by text message and disclose the password orally.