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Get access to PUE ZUS (e-service platform of Social Insurance Institution)

Now you can have quick and easy access to e-service platform of the Polish Social Insurance Institution, directly via Millenet. You can open or activate your PUE ZUS account online. There is no need to visit a ZUS branch personally!

  • Save your time – you can open or activate PUE ZUS account from home!
  • Log in easily – you don’t need any additional login or password, you log in with the same details as in Millenet
  • Use it conveniently – you get quick access to insurance information and can take care of your things online

How to do it?

To log in to your PUE ZUS account use your Millenet login and password. You don’t need any additional logins, passwords or entitlements. Only make sure that your personal data (such as first name, surname or PESEL number) are the same in both, Bank and ZUS systems.

  1. Log in to your Millenet account

    Log in to Millenet

  2. Choose My finances > New products and services option

  3. If you log in for the first time, you will have to accept the respective privacy statement and confirm the operation with an SMS P@ssword

And that’s it! Now you can:

  • check if you have been registered by your employer for insurance purposes
  • verify social insurance contributions paid by your employer
  • file applications
  • check your open pension fund
  • consult ZUS advisor online

Learn how to use PUE ZUS.