Take care of a financial cushion for your retirement

Individual Retirement Account (IKE) with investment funds is an attractive way to take care of your future retirement.

About the product

Take care of your retirement thanks to IKE with investment funds. Transfer and invest even small amounts of money with which in the long term you can build up capital for future years. Opening an account if free of charge and you can transfer money to IKE for free. It is an attractive solution for both older and younger people. And for people, who are self-employed as well.

What will you gain from IKE with investment funds?

  • you can deposit up to 17.776 PLN in 2022
  • you do not have to pay 19% tax, if you withdraw funds after turning 60 years old or after turning 55 years old and becoming eligible for retirement, provided that the funds have been deposited for the required period
  • choose from 6 investment funds from the Millennium TFI offer
  • change the funds, in which you invest at any time and without additional fees

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  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IKE) belong to the third pension pillar. IKE are meant for people who want to save themselves for their future pension and to additionally benefit from capital gains tax relief (19% tax popularly known as “Belka’s tax”). Saving on IKE you can also identify beneficiaries i.e. persons, who will receive the money in the event of your death. The money thus conveyed is also free from inheritance and donations tax.

  • Opening, as well as keeping and depositing money on IKE with Millennium TFI funds is free of charge and all the money you deposit will be invested in 100% with a view to your future pension.

  • Deposits on IKE with Millennium TFI funds are restricted according to regulations. The sum of annual deposits in 2022 cannot exceed the amount of 17 766 PLN, according to the announcement of the Minister of Family and Social Policy of 5 November 2021.

  • You can have only one IKE. Moreover only one person can accumulate savings on one IKE. This means that you cannot have one IKE together with another person, e.g. spouse or child.

  • Yes, you always have access to the accumulated money. Remember however that any withdrawal before meeting conditions of the period of gathering savings and required age will involve loss of the tax relief and the need to pay capital gains tax. This means that the generated earnings, upon their withdrawal will be subject to 19% tax, just as other capital gains.

  • No, opening an Individual Retirement Account does not mean a commitment to make monthly deposits. It is worth remembering however, that investing even small amounts regularly is an opportunity to accumulate a significant amount in the future.

  • Yes. Money accumulated on IKE is treated as personal savings and in the event of the IKE owner it is conveyed to persons (beneficiaries) identified by him. In the IKE maintenance agreement the owner can identify one or more persons to whom the money accumulated on IKE will be paid in the event of his death. These instructions can be changed during functioning of IKE. If the owner fails to identify in the agreement the persons inheriting the money, the savings shall be included in the inheritance, which is subject to division in keeping with legal regulations.

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