Up to 250 PLN can be yours

Open Konto 360° account, meet the promotion requirements and get rewards

Co zrobić, by zyskać 250 zł

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    Co zrobić, by zyskać 250 zł -

    Załóż Konto 360° lub Konto 360° Student

    Do 31.03.2021 r. podpisz umowę o prowadzenie konta wraz z kartą debetową, aktywuj aplikację mobilną i wyraź zgody wymagane regulaminem promocji.

    Gotowe! Do 30.04.2021 r., otrzymasz SMS-em kod do aktywacji eKarty podarunkowej o wartości 50 zł w aplikacji goodie. Zakupy z eKartą zrobisz w sklepie stacjonarnym i internetowym na terenie Polski.

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    Co zrobić, by zyskać 250 zł -

    ... i korzystaj z niego

    W kwietniu, maju, czerwcu oraz lipcu 2021 r. wykonaj przynajmniej 3 płatności kartą lub Blikiem oraz zasil konto kwotą min. 1000 zł w każdym z tych miesięcy.

    Jeśli otwierasz konto na selfie, nie zapomnij potwierdzić swojej tożsamości i złożyć wzór podpisu w dowolnej placówce do 31.07.2021 r.

  3. 3
    Co zrobić, by zyskać 250 zł -

    Premia jest Twoja!

    Do 31.08.2021 r. po spełnieniu warunków na Twoje nowo otwarte konto trafi 200 zł.

Uniwersalna eKarta podarunkowa w aplikacji mobilnej goodie:

  • zapłacisz nią w dowolnym sklepie internetowym w Polsce
  • możesz też dodać ją do Google Pay lub Apple Pay i zapłacić zbliżeniowo telefonem w dowolnym sklepie stacjonarnym w Polsce

Jak zacząć korzystać z eKarty?

  • wyślemy do Ciebie wiadomość SMS z kodem do aktywacji eKarty, we wskazanym w regulaminie terminie
  • jeśli nie posiadasz jeszcze aplikacji goodie, pobierz ją w Google Play lub App Store
  • wpisz otrzymany kod oraz numer telefonu podany na wniosku o konto, w aplikacji goodie (w dolnym menu wybierz "Profil" a następnie "użyj kodu").

Kod możesz wykorzystać w ciągu 60 dni od jego otrzymania a na wykorzystanie środków na eKarcie masz aż 12 miesięcy. eKartą zapłacisz wielokrotnie, do wyczerpania limitu.

Bank your way

On your laptop or your phone

You can log in to the app with your fingerprint and quickly make e.g. a BLIK transfer to mobile which is free and is delivered instantly. Through Millenet you can submit an application, e.g. for a 500+ benefit, and sort out many official matters through MilleAdministration tab. And it's just the beginning!

We get you.
You can bank on it

  • Benefit on your shopping

    Up to 25% of moneyback for online shopping in more than 800 stores thanks to goodie cashback. Use the service via mobile app and get a welcome gift. More

  • Quick and convenient payments

    Enter code from the app, confirm and... done! This is BLIK, with which you can pay online in a few seconds. More

  • Reach your destination smoothly

    Pay for parking, motorways or municipal transport tickets via one app. Save you time, without additional installations or top-ups. More

You get also
free of charge

  • Debit card

    Thanks to debit card you can pay conveniently with your phone that you always keep at hand.
    CheckVisa debit card

  • Profit Savings Account

    Easily and conveniently put aside even small amounts with Profit account instead of putting off your plans and dreams.
    CheckProfit Savings Account

  • Very Helpful Package

    Get expert assistance! You can use the insurance free of charge for six months (max. 7 times a year) and then only 4.98 PLN/ month.
    CheckVery Helpful Package

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Gain rewards with your friends

  • goodie eCard for 100 PLN, which you can pay in every store in Poland
  • Empik ecard for 80 PLN to spend in online store www.empik.com
  • Gift card for 80 PLN to Zalando
  • 4 tickets to Multikino (2D) or Helios (2D/3D)
  • 2% annually on 3-month term deposit from 500 to 20 000 PLN

Terms and conditions of getting and collecting reards are available in regulations.

How to open Konto 360° account

If you want to open Konto 360° account without leaving your home you can do it in two ways:

  1. 1
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    Get your phone and ID ready

    Prepare a phone with internet access and ID card. In the browser on your phone, enter bankmillennium.pl and select Open account from the side menu, then choose Online tab.

    link opens in a new window Open now Konto 360° account

  2. 2
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    Complete the application and take photos

    Fill in the data, take photos of your ID and a few photos of your face (front view, with head slightly bowed, with eyes closed) – according to the instructions.

  3. 3
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    Benefit from your account

    After sending the application, we will verify your identity and activate your account.

  1. 1
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    Fill in the application online

  2. 2
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    We call you

    We will call you shortly after your online application

  3. 3
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    You sign the agreement

    Courier delivers your documents and debit card. You will be asked to show your ID card and sign the agreement. We will activate your account within 1-3 business days from the moment you sign the agreement.

You can also submit an application online and sign the agreement in a branch of your choice. During your visit in the branch, we activate your account and show you how to bank online and use our mobile app. Open nowlink opens in a new window


  • The customer will not incur any fees related to account management, account card, cash withdrawals from ATMs, provided that they receive total external inflows to the account in the amount of at least 1,000 PLN and make at least one account card payment or BLIK transaction a month. If both of the above conditions are not met in a given month, the bank will charge fees in accordance with the price list for commissions and fees and debit cards. Online domestic transfers in PLN as well as the execution of standing orders, direct debits and BLIK transfers to mobile are always free.

  • In Bank Millenium you can open Konto 360° account, i.e. personal bank account, in several ways:
    • traditionally – at a Bank branch (the branch search engine is available on our website bankmillennium.pl in the "About the Bank" tab),
    • with the option of submitting an application for opening an account via the Internet and signing an agreement at the branch or signing anagreement during the courier's visit,
    • completely online – with a selfie using a smartphone with Internet access or by logging in to an account at another bank to confirm your identity.

  • Konto 360° account you can open completely online in two ways. Via "With a selfie" or "Online" path. In the case of the selfie track in your phone's browser enter: http://bankmillenium.pl/, then from the side menu select: Open account and then: With a selfie. Next, you will be asked to take a photo of your ID card and your face for identification. For the Online path, you must have a current account with another bank, you log in to it and confirm your identity. In both cases, the account can be active in up to 15 minutes.

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