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Choose Konto 360º account and use it on your smartphone

Bank your way

On your laptop or your phone

You can log in to the app with your fingerprint and quickly make e.g. a BLIK transfer to mobile which is free and is delivered instantly. Through Millenet you can submit an application, e.g. for a 500+ benefit, and sort out many official matters through MilleAdministration tab. And it's just the beginning!

We get you.
You can bank on it

  • For every day and a holiday

    For bus tickets, travel and car insurance or even cinema tickets you can pay directly in our mobile app. More

  • Add accounts from other banks

    Thanks to 360° Finance you can see account balance and send transfers from accounts in other banks. More

  • Pay your way

    Pay with BLIK, smartwatch or your phone – conveniently, securely and quickly – just the way you like it. More

You get also
free of charge

  • Vista debit card

    Thanks to Millennium Visa Konto 360° card you can pay conveniently with your phone that you keep at hand.
    CheckVisa debit card

  • Profit Savings Account

    Easily and conveniently put aside even small amounts with Profit account instead of putting off your plans and dreams.
    CheckProfit Savings Account

  • Very Helpful Package

    Get expert assistance! You can use the insurance free of charge for six months (max. 7 times a year) and then only 4.98 PLN/ month.
    CheckVery Helpful Package

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Gain rewards with your friends

  • 4 tickets to Multikino (2D) or Helios (2D/3D)
  • eCard for 80 PLN to spend in online store www.empik.com
  • Gift card for 80 PLN to Zalando
  • goodie ecard for 80 PLN to collect in goodie app
  • 2% annually on 3-month term deposit from 500 to 15 000 PLN

Terms and conditions of getting and collecting reards are available in regulations.

How to open Konto 360° account

If you want to open Konto 360° account without leaving your home you can do it in two ways:

  1. 1
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    Get your phone and ID ready

    Prepare a phone with internet access and ID card. In the browser on your phone, enter bankmillennium.pl and select Open account from the side menu, then choose Online tab.

    Open now Konto 360° account

  2. 2
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    Complete the application and take photos

    Fill in the data, take photos of your ID and a few photos of your face (front view, with head slightly bowed, with eyes closed) – according to the instructions.

  3. 3
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    Benefit from your account

    After sending the application, we will verify your identity and activate your account.

  1. 1
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    Fill in the application online

    All you need is your identity card.

    Apply now Konto 360° account

  2. 2
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    We call you

    We will call you shortly after your online application

  3. 3
    How to open Konto 360° account -

    You sign the agreement

    Courier delivers your documents and debit card. You will be asked to show your ID card and sign the agreement. We will activate your account within 1-3 business days from the moment you sign the agreement.

You can also submit an application online and sign the agreement in a branch of your choice. During your visit in the branch, we activate your account and show you how to bank online and use our mobile app. Open now

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