About the product

The loan for technological innovations is an EU funding support instrument to improve innovation and competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises. 

It is meant for technology projects, which involve implementation of a new technology. The new technology may be the result of in-house research and development (R&D) or R&D contracted from third parties. The technology should enable production of new or significantly improved products, processes and services on an enterprise scale and provide conditions for their production.

The loan for technological innovations can provide non-repayable support in the form of a technology bonus, which is awarded by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) for partial repayment of the loan granted by Bank Millennium. The amount of the technological bonus depends on the amount of eligible expenditure of the project and the level of support resulting from the "Regional support map for the years 2014-2020". It can reach up to 70% of the qualified expenses for micro and small enterprises and 60% for medium enterprises. The bonus applies only to qualified expenses incurred after the date of submitting the co-financing application to BGK.

Timetable of submitting the co-financing applications:

VI competition

  1. application start – 15 October 2019
  2. application end – 24 June 2020 until 4 p.m.

VII competition

  1. announcement of the competition on 18 May 2020
  2. start of call for proposals – 1 June 2020. The competition will be implemented in 7 rounds:
    • Round 1: 1-30 June
    • Round 2: 1-30 July
    • Round 3: 31 July – 31 August
    • Round 4: 1-30 September
    • Round 5: 1-29 October
    • Round 6: 30 October – 30 November
    • Round 7: 1-30 December
  3. end of call for proposals – 30 December 2020 (by 3:00 p.m.)


  • High amount of project co-financing up to 70% of qualified project expenses with consideration of the Regional Support Map for the Years 2014-2020.
  • Part of the loan may be repaid with EU money in the form of the technology bonus granted by BGK.
  • Partial payment of the technology bonus can be made already after completion of 25% of planned qualified project expenses.
  • Expansion of the range of products, processes or services for sale.
  • Increase of innovation and production quality and the ensuing improvement of competitiveness of the company.
  • Increase of the company’s potential by co-operating with R&D establishments.
  • Increase of the company’s investment demand in innovation and R&D.
  • Positive impact of the project on development of the region, in which it will be done.

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Questions and answers

  • What types of projects may be financed with the loan for technological innovations?

    The loan is used to finance technological investments. A technological investment is an investment involving the purchase and implementation of new technology or the implementation of its own new technology and launch on its basis of the production of new or significantly improved processes or services compared to those previously produced in the company and ensuring the conditions for the production of those products, processes or services.

    The technology, which is being implemented, must have the form of:

    • industrial property right or
    • results of development work or
    • results of industrial research or
    • not patented technical know-how.

  • What is the loan tenor?

    The loan tenor depends first of all from the type of project and the Client’s economic and financial situation.

  • In what currencies is the loan available?

    The loan is available in PLN.

  • What is the loan amount?

    The loan amount depends on the amount of eligible costs of the project.

    The maximum value of eligible expenses of the project cannot exceed the equivalent of 50 EUR million.

  • What Clients are eligible for the loan for technological innovations?

    The loan is available to Clients who satisfy the criteria for a micro, small or medium enterprise (in keeping with EC Regulation No. 651/2014), with registered office in Poland. To determine the ultimate status of the enterprise it is also required to determine whether it is an autonomous, partner or linked enterprise.

  • How is the loan repaid?

    Repayment of the loan is made on dates and in the way stipulated in the loan agreement, with part of the loan principal being repaid with the technology bonus.

  • What part of the loan will be repaid with the technology bonus?

    The bonus may be up to 70% of qualified expenses for micro and small enterprises and 60% for medium enterprises in accordance with the intensity indicator set out in the "Regional support map for the years 2014-2020".

    For individual projects, it will be calculated individually based on the company's status, indicated eligible expenses and project location.

  • What is required for partial payout of the technological bonus?

    • Loan disbursement,
    • Amount of loan disbursed not lower than the technological bonus requested for payout,
    • Completion of at least 25% of planned qualified expenses of the project,
    • Submission of a, interim payout request to BGK.

  • Can the loan for technological innovations be used to finance already incurred project expenditure?

    No, it cannot. Expenses involved with a technological project may be incurred only after submitting a co-financing application. The project may be started the next day after submitting the co-financing application to BGK.

  • What does the period of eligibility of expenses mean?

    This is the period, during which expenses may be qualified for support with the technological bonus. During this period the beneficiary undertakes to complete the full material and financial project as specified in the co-financing application and the project material and financial schedule. The qualifiability period shall end on the day of submission to BGK of a final payment request; however it cannot be later than 31.12.2023.

Useful links

Competition regulations and documents concerning application for a technological bonus are available on the BGK website

European Funds Portal www.funduszeeuropejskie.gov.pl