About the product

Payments collection is a pack of services consisting in comprehensive management of the Customer's receivables. The Customer can report for the transaction counterparties selected by him, while settlements are handled both in PLN as well as in foreign currencies. Payments collection is offered under one factoring agreement together with recourse factoring or non-recourse factoring with insurance.

Our offer to Customers:

  • receivables accounting and settlement,
  • monitoring the timeliness of payments,
  • claiming receivables, including performance of dunning actions with respect to defaulting counterparties (as agreed with the Customer),
  • professional system to report the status of the factoring settlements together with the electronic data interchange module.


  • the Bank takes over activities connected with monitoring punctuality of payments by counterparties,
  • the Bank handles dunning procedures if the counterparty defaults on payment,
  • no minimum amount of receivables sent to payments collection,
  • 24/7 access to the WEB Faktor system, permitting on-line control of the status of factoring settlements without incurring additional expenses,