About the product

Within non-recourse factoring with insurance apart form obtaining the quick financing, settlement and collection of the receivables, thanks to the counterparty's payment default taken over by the Bank, the Customer obtains protection against lack of payment for sold goods or services.

Cooperation between the Bank and the insurance company gives the Customer an opportunity to report to the transaction domestic counterparties, and counterparty's evaluation and granting the counterparty's limit does not require presenting their financial statements. It is not required that the Customer had already cooperated with the counterparty, which means that the Customer may report the counterparties with whom they have already operated as well as new ones with whom they are starting or planning to start the cooperation. Settlements within the factoring agreement are carried out in Polish zloty.

Our offer for the Customers:

  • financing acquired receivables within the Customer's limit and limits granted to counterparties,
  • receivables accounting and settlement,
  • taking over a risk of the counterparty's payment default,
  • professional system to report the status of the factoring settlements together with the electronic data interchange module.


  • access to financing without additional collaterals,
  • possibility of obtaining financing based on a list of invoices sent electronically through the WEB Faktor system provided by the Bank,
  • protection against risk of counterparties defaulting on payments,
  • possibility of reporting local counterparties selected by the Client to the transaction,
  • the Bank takes over activities connected with monitoring and claiming of receivables,
  • possibility of using other factoring services (such as recourse factoring or payments collection) under one factoring agreement.