Perfect perspectives

Written by: Agnieszka Basałaj, the Corporate Banking Department Director, Bank Millennium

For between ten and twenty years Bank Millennium has been supporting the Polish and foreign companies investing in the private medical establishments – both listed companies and smaller specialist clinics. We collaborate, as a key bank, with both leaders of the industry and niche small specialist medical clinics. Our support for this sector is significant, especially in terms of financing development of new establishments, where for many years we have been granting the investment loans. We also support the companies in their daily performance – both in servicing the company’s current liquidity, providing it with a short-term finance and in giving the guarantee service – especially the popular rent-related guarantees for rental of the next office and medical space.

The sector of private medical establishments has developed in the recent years and there is still a very high interest in opening new clinics among the investors. The fastest growing specializations are rehabilitation, orthopaedics, cardiology and oncology. Thanks to the increasing wealth of consumers, who more and more often are making a decision on using private healthcare, the area of private establishments of the basic healthcare is also developing. The additional factor influencing a growth in importance of the private healthcare sector is a growing market of medical subscriptions provided to the employees by the companies.

In the perspective of the next years this business will still grow, especially in the context of innovativeness. According to the analysts, the highest growth potential in the sector should be attributed to medical equipment. There will be more and more advanced appliances, diagnosis equipment and medical technologies, and in the medical environment it is also said a lot about applying the most modern or even visionary solutions. These changes mean such things as a necessity of frequent equipment replacement, in the narrow-specialist medical establishments, in particular. It results in huge expenses and looking for different sources of financing the investments by the companies of this sector.

This comment was published on 28th December 2016 in Rzeczpospolita daily