Companies may count on hikes

Author: Marcin Stafaniuk, Director the Factoring and Trade Finance Department at Bank Millennium

Electronics sales sector viewed „from outside”, or through the prism of general data, has been relatively stable all over the world and its growth is sustainable. Exact data on the broader IT market demonstrate that despite the slow-down of their growth, in the up-coming years companies from this sector may count on the increase of their share in the total market up to approximately 3%. However, it does not mean that the market is not changing, and its monitoring and assessment of its condition, let alone assessment of the development prospects of the market players, is not easy.

Importantly, quite different trends can be observed in the sale of, for instance, personal computers (stagnation or decrease), sale of telephones (in total stable but mild growth, high uncertainty as to particular brands), and still different tendencies – in sale of servers or peripherals. Also, there is a struggle for the best position in the online trade, where electronic devices are one of the most dynamic markets, inter alia, due to unification of assets and their recognisability by the end buyer. Development is also driven by the distributors who are excelling to most effectively place their products in the net, constantly perfecting this distribution channel and supporting it with friendly interfaces, more convenient product return procedures or incredibly short delivery times.

Trading in electronics is strictly linked to factoring services as well as other trade finance services, first of all guarantees. One could hardly come up with a name of a significant entity from this sector that does not use factoring. For years, Bank Millennium has been actively involved in financing the players from this sector, providing financing for the largest distributors on the market. The key to the joint success is automation of limit management, including limits for insurance of receivables, and certainly, fully automated settlements. The offer features also guarantee lines or letters of credit for these companies that import their goods directly from eastern markets.

Nonetheless, apart from financing, good market and further fine-tuning of our offer for the end client, the sector needs also a stable legal environment, and that means primarily an effective solution of the 2011-2014 frauds. This issue casts a shadow on the entire sector and in the up-coming several months one should expect some next decisions that will lead to further high uncertainty on the market. Fortunately, already in 2015, a tangible and key positive development took place in this area, which was introduction of the reversed tax and interestingly, at present, the entrepreneurs themselves are effectively proposing to extend the catalogue of the products covered by this mechanism. So, as the current settlements go, the market players are on the safe side. Still, the burden of the past will remain heavy for long.