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Confirming income in the cash loan process with use of logging on to another bank is already available in Bank Millennium application


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The omni-channel service, which allows clients applying for cash loan to confirm their income with use of logging on to another bank via an account at Bank Millennium, has been made available also in the Bank’s mobile application.

- Slightly over two weeks ago, as the first bank on the market, we introduced this service in three channels at the same time – in online banking, in branches and in TeleMillennium. Now you may use it also in our mobile app – says Antonio Pinto, Member of Bank Millennium Management Board.

Clients who are applying for a loan in the income model can use the alternative - to a statement of account - method of confirming salary inflow to their account. They just need to download the history of transactions logging on to the account, which is credited with their salary in another bank, via Millenet or mobile app. The service is available to those clients, from whom only one document to confirm their income is required. If a positive assessment of their credit capacity and worthiness is given, the process is fully automatic.

The service proposed by Bank Millennium is omni-channel. This means that it is available in e-banking - Millenet system and mobile app as well as at branches an in TeleMillennium. In such case the application is entered by the Relationship Manager and when the need arises to confirm income, the client goes through the process in Millenet or mobile app, personally logging on to the other bank and identifying the salary account. The agreement is also signed in Millenet or the application, although clients can also sign it at a branch.

Currently, income can be confirmed from accounts in three banks – Alior Bank, ING and mBank. However, the service is continuously being developed and the list of the banks will grow on a regular basis. This option is available in the latest release of the Bank Millennium’s mobile app.