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Goodie newsletters – how to spend less with Bank Millennium


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The current economic situation and the associated increasing inflation mean that consumers are constantly experiencing rising prices. More expensive daily shopping motivates to an even more reasonable approach to spending money and the search for attractive discounts and promotional offers. Bank Millennium's goodie shopping platform, which continues to gain popularity, in a convenient and accessible form in one place provides users with a collection of leaflets with offers of leading stores from the Polish market.

Rising prices leave a significant mark on the household budgets of Polish men and women. The current economic situation affects their consumer behaviour and purchasing choices. As many as 40 percent of respondents give up expenses that are not necessary for life, such as entertainment or eating out. In turn, half of the survey participants follow prices in stores more closely and choose cheaper products - according to the study "Saving in the face of high inflation", commissioned by Bank Millennium.*

Goodie from Bank Millennium meets this head-on. It is a modern, friendly and free mobile application and an online platform with the latest leaflets of over 100 popular shops and discount stores from the Polish market.

- Goodie allows you to save time while shopping and helps in prudent management of your home budget in difficult times. It is one of the few tools of this type on the market, with the help of which users can take advantage of special discounts and bonuses offered by shops, combine promotions, and at the same time receive a refund of part of the expenses through cashback – says Iwona Jancarz, head of the User Portfolio Management Team at Millennium Goodie, a company belonging to Bank Millennium.

With the platform users can create shopping lists directly from the level of browsing the newsletter and freely compare prices and promotions offered by shops. The clear advantage of goodie is its functionality and availability. Users have the opportunity to browse newsletters using a modern, yet user-friendly and free application on mobile devices or via a website. In addition, the application also gives access to loyalty programmes. Goodie always offers up-to-date discount codes, promotional coupons and sales. Its offer also includes the possibility of virtualising loyalty cards.

Persons interested in using the goodie app and using cashback must visit the otwiera się w nowym oknie ebsite and register an account. You can also do this by downloading the application to mobile devices. Bank Millennium customers can use goodie from the level of additional services, available both in the bank's application and on the website. In the case of interest only in the offers of shops contained in the leaflets, account registration is not mandatory.

The Regulations of the Platform are available at the following link: otwiera się w nowym oknie.

* Survey conducted for Bank Millennium on the Ariadna panel in July 2022. Nationwide sample N = 1070 people aged 18 years and above, representative of gender, age and size of the place of residence. Method: survey conducted using the online survey method (CAWI)