Loyalty cards

With this service you can conveniently save up to 30 images of loyalty cards in the mobile app.

Loyalty cards are issued by shops and service providers usually in the form of plastic cards. Showing such a card when paying for goods or services gives you a discount or rewards points, which are stored in the card.

Using the new functionality of the app you can leave your plastic at home and continue to get discounts or points just by showing the image of the card directly in the app.

How to do it?

You will find this function after logging on to the app in the side menu section Other. When adding the card in the app you will be asked to give the card name, to scan the barcode on the card or to give the card number if the card has no code. Additionally in the form you must take a photo of the front and reverse side of the loyalty card. After you have added the card it will be available on the list of loyalty cards. You can always edit the card data and photos.

The list of loyalty cards can be arranged in any order, in which you want the cards to be displayed.


If you want to have faster access to the cards then in app settings in the Widgets before logon option select Loyalty cards as a new widget. Remember that before logon you cannot add a card or edit saved cards.

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