Rodzina 500+

Family 500+ programme

About the programme

Family 500+ programme offers upbringing benefits to Polish families. In keeping with the programme government support in raising children will be provided to parents and guardians of children aged up to 18.

A family with two children under age will be able to get PLN 500 for the second child irrespective of income.

In case of families with average monthly income below PLN 800 net per person the family will also get support for the first child until it is 18 (the first child is the oldest or only child in the family aged up to 18).

For families with a disabled child the income criterion is higher and is PLN 1200 net.

Role of the Bank

Bank Millennium allows filing a Family 500+ application online in the Millenet internet banking system. The application cannot be filed in a branch or via a Call Centre consultant.

The Bank does not perform formal and substantive verification of data provided in the application as well as the attachments and does not have information concerning processing of the application by the selected lead authority in the municipality, after the application has been sent to it.

The application and attachments shall be irrecoverably deleted from the Bank’s servers after sending the application to the emp@tia IT system kept by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy.

How to apply


    Filing the application

    Applicants fill-in and submit the application for a 500+ benefit in Millenet.


    Application registration

    The filed application shall be registered in the national emp@tia IT system.


    Processing of the application

    The competent lead authority in the place of residence shall analyse the application.


    Decision about the benefit

    The written decision shall be sent up to 3 months from the day of a properly filed application.

Important dates

  • 1st of April 2016

    - start of filing applications for child raising benefit

  • 1st of July 2016

    - end of stage of submitting applications giving eligibility for payment of benefits in arrears for the period from April to June

  • From 2nd of July 2016 to 31st of October 2016

    - submitting applications without the possibility of payment of the benefits in arrears for the period from April to June 2016. If another child is born – the application may be submitted at any time

  • 30th of September 2017

    - expiry of validity of applications submitted in 2016

  • From 1st of August 2017 to 31st of October 2017

    - submitting further applications for the child benefit

Prior to filling-in the application

  • You will find the application on the home page after signing on to the system and in the “Applications and agreements”.
  • Remember that you can apply only in your name, signing on to Millenet. Applying on behalf of another person is not possible.
  • Prior to filling-in the application read the information about the Family 500+ programme on - link otwiera się w nowym oknie and on the website of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy.
  • After submitting the application – in Millenet you can check the application status. The statuses presented are:

    the application is being sent to the emp@tia government system.
    the application has been delivered to the lead authority.
    Delivery error
    the application was not delivered to the lead authority. Please check data in the application and contact the lead authority.

    We recommend checking the application status in Millenet. During 24 hours the application status should change to “delivered”. If the “Delivery error” status message is displayed, then you must fill-in and submit the application again. Remember to print out the filled-in application after it is sent, for future reference!

    • Your Municipality is not listed in Millenet

      If your Municipality is not listed in Millenet, submit the Family 500+ application personally in the Town Hall/Municipal Office, which is competent for the place of your residence or apply online in Millenet at a later date. Absence of the Municipality on the list means that this Municipality has not been connected to emp@tia – Central Social Security IT System created by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy.

      If you have questions about the time of connection of your Municipality / competent authority to the system, please contact the Town Hall / Municipal Office in person or by phone.

    • Duration of a session in Millenet

      For security reasons the duration of an online session in Millenet is limited. If you interrupt filling-in the application for more than 10 minutes, you will be signed off from Millenet and the changes made in the application will be saved automatically.

    • A correctly filled-in application

      A correctly filled-in online application in the Millenet system will be signed with your name, surname and PESEL number. An Official Confirmation of Receipt (UPO – Polish acronym) will be sent from the emp@tia to the e-mail address provided in the application – make sure it is correct.

    • Data storage

      After delivering the application to the national emp@tia system the Bank will irreversibly erase all information stated in the application. The role of Bank Millennium in this process is only to provide the Millenet system to send the application to the lead authority in the Municipality.

    • Data verification

      Data verification is done by the lead authority. The Bank does not perform formal and substantive verification of data provided in the application as well as the attachments and does not have information concerning processing of the application.

    • Downloading the application

      A submitted Family 500+ application may be downloaded only once, immediately after sending it during the same sign-on session. Confirmation of submitting the application is available in the section “Applications and Agreements” > “Archived Applications” during the period of 10 years from submission of the application.

    • Confirmation of sending the application

      After submitting the application in Millenet, within 24 hours an Official Confirmation of Receipt (UPO – Polish acronym) will be sent from the Emp@tia to the e-mail address provided in the application. This is confirmation that the submitted application was successfully sent to lead authority in the Municipality. UPO will be sent from the following e-mail address: If the confirmation of sending the application received from Millenet shows “delivered” status, however UPO has not been delivered to the e-mail address, please contact the authority indicated in the application.

    • Processing of the application

      The lead authority in the Municipality e.g. the Municipal Social Assistance Centre, having accepted the application i.e. after granting the child raising benefit by way of an administrative decision. Will pay the Family 500 + child raising benefit every month.

Application attachments

What to prepare:

  • scan of legally valid court divorce or legal separation ruling — if you are divorced or legally separated,
  • scan of court ruling on appointment of legal custody of a child — if you have legal custody of the child,
  • scan of residence card — if you are a foreigner,
  • scan of permit for temporary residence in connection with work in a highly skilled profession — if you are a foreigner and not a citizen of the European Union, European Economic Area or Switzerland.

The Municipal Office, Town Hall or Social Welfare Centre may obtain basic data about your family’s income from the Tax Office. It can however ask you to provide additional documents. It will send a letter to you about it. However if you want to attach additional documents outright, prepare for example:

    • If you are attaching required documents to the application then prepare their scans beforehand (supported attachment formats: PNG, JPG or PDF).
    • Maximum number of attachments: 7.
    • Maximum size of single attachment: 500 KB.
    • Maximum total size of all attachments: 3,5 MB.
    • Names of the attachments cannot contain Polish characters, special signs and spaces and must have different names with one application.
    • If you are plying for a benefit also for the first child (the first child is the oldest or only child in the family aged up to 18), prepare scans of income statements of all family members.

Claims and complaints

If you want to lodge a complaint concerning the Family 500+ programme benefit, decide what the complaint is to concern and address it to the lead authority in the Municipality or to the Bank.

Lead authority in the Municipality

accepts complaints concerning:

  • assumptions of the Family 500+ programme,
  • filling-in the application,
  • processing the application out of the Bank’s system,
  • lack of information on processing the application,
  • determining the amount of the benefit,
  • deadlines for completion of process stages,
  • payment of the benefit,
  • dates of payment of the benefit.

Bank Millennium

accepts complaints concerning:

  • access to the Millenet internet banking system,
  • stage of application registration,
  • sending the application from Millenet system.

The Bank does not accept complaints involved with filling-in the application, data required in the application or interpretation of provisions of the Act.

Processing of claims and complaints by the Bank

Bank Millennium accepts and processes claims and complaints in keeping with its principles described in the General Regulations on Providing Banking Services to Individuals in Bank Millennium SA - link opens in new window.


The Family 500+ application is available only after signing on to the Millenet electronic banking system. The Bank does not send or publish any active links to the application. In particular the Bank does not send by e-mail any messages requesting that the recipient goes to the Bank’s portal or to Millenet and provides any personal data, sign-on data etc. Such messages are typical examples of “phishing” and aim to fraudulently obtain Customers’ data. “Phishing” attempts should be reported to the Bank by phone or personally in a branch. If possible, we would like to encourage you to save suspicious mailings and send them to the address given by the Bank employee.

Remember that:

  • A Family 500+ application is available free of charge after signing on to Millenet. Bank does not allow submitting the application by systems other than Millenet.
  • It is not necessary to install any apps or software in the computer/phone to fill-in the application.
  • When signing on to Millenet, for the purpose of proceeding to the application or adding attachments it will not be required to provide the SMS P@ssword. SMS P@ssword request will be displayed at the end of the application process.

The Bank will inform you about the possibility to submit a Family 500+ application by means of electronic channels e.g. a text, a PUSH message or a message in Millenet. If you receive suspicious correspondence or mailing regarding the Family 500+ application from unknown sender or someone asks you to provide sign-on data and single-use passwords in this matter, report it promptly to Bank employees at any branch or by phone.

Please recall that in connection with the Family 500+ application the Bank does not ask for any data to be provided by e-mail or text. Please be careful and show limited trust with respect to e-mails or texts, which contain a request for confidential data or which provide links to the websites of banks or third parties.

  • Signing on to Millenet always make sure that the line is encrypted by checking if the address of the website in the browser’s window begins with https:// and whether an icon depicting a closed padlock appears on the bar at the bottom or tope of the screen (depending on the browser being used) – the padlock confirms that the website is covered by a security certificate and the line is encrypted. After clicking on the padlock check if the certificate is correct and valid. Please note that only the combination of a correct address and correct content of the certificate can guarantee that the website is legitimate and we are not subjected to a “phishing” attack.

    The Bank never asks for the single-use password (SMSP@ssword) during signing-on or to give more than one code from a particular tool when making one transaction.

    To avoid infecting the computer with dangerous viruses use legitimate software and update it regularly. It is also necessary to make sure your computer is safe by using regularly updated antivirus software and a firewall. If possible use your own computer for internet banking.


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. We will update this section regularly.