Millenet RWD

Based on suggestions and comments of our customers, we have improved many other services in Millenet.

Krzysztof: I could use a quick way of finding necessary info.

We've refreshed homepage so that it was clearer and more intuitive. Now you can quickly find all the necessary details as we have grouped information product-wise.

In addition, we have simplified the presentation of the most important information in panels. We do hope that thanks to these improvements, you will quickly find what you are looking for.

Ula: When I want to switch transfer types, I need to fill in all the details from scratch.

We have simplified the transfer procedure so that now, when you fill in one form, you can easily switch from one type transfer to the other (from domestic to instant for example).

Tomasz: Millenet could remember operations I have made and make it easier for me to perform them again.

At the top of the screen, on the left, you will find Shortcuts that will let you:

  • mark operations you make the most often and access them in the future with just one click,
  • choose default account and profile,
  • select panels (accounts, cards, saving accounts) visible on the homepage,
  • adjust your security settings.

These and many other useful options can be freely modified in order to create an optimal version of Millenet adjusted to your needs.

Kuba: I want to have a better hold of my expenses.

Redesigned Finance manager will help you control your finances. You can for example divide your spending into categories and define monthly budgets for each category and subcategory. Once you spend money over the limit, you will be notified with a text, to better control your expenses.

What is more, you can create your own saving plan. Simply define the amount and time to get to your goal and the system will tell you in which categories and subcategories you can spend less.

Małgosia: If I knew in advance about my future expenses, it would be much easier for me to control my money.

Refreshed planner is an interactive calendar showing you your future income and spending. Some of the transactions are added automatically (e.g. instalments, deposit interest), others you may add manually - getting in that way a whole picture of your finances.

Kacper: I’d like to have all important information in one place.

Now, with every product (e.g. credit card) you’ll find everything that is important to you.

The scope of information has been extended to include details about the current settlement cycle and the cycle, which is pending repayment. Also, the possibility was added of selecting one out of three proposed credit card early repayment options.