eurobank and Bank Millennium join forces!

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Key changes

The process of merging eurobank and Bank Millennium is underway. The merger of the banks does not affect your agreements.

What will happen to your eurobank account?

All your funds, products and services will be transferred to Bank Millennium on current terms. After merging the banks, you you will be able to use Bank Millennium online banking system and mobile app.

What will happen to eurobank branches?

All eurobank branches will transform into Bank Millennium branches. After the change, not only branches, but also ATMs and deposit machines networks will expand.


  • Until 8 November 2019

    We will keep you updated on the details of an upcoming system unavailability. We encourage you to check your balance, make important transfers and complete online purchases.

  • System unavailability
    8-11 November 2019

    During this time, we will be working on merging the banks. Due to maintenance works at both banks, online banking and mobile application will be unavailable.

  • Once maintenance works are finished

    All your funds, products and services from eurobank will be transferred to Bank Millennium. You will be able to use more branches, ATMs and deposit machines as well as Bank Millennium online banking system and mobile app.

Are you a Client of both eurobank and Bank Millennium?

What does it mean to you?
  • products and services from eurobank will be transferred to Bank Millennium
  • logging in to Millenet and the mobile app will not change
  • you can log in to Bank Millennium online banking system using MilleKod as well as the eurobank login

In order for the process of transferring your accounts and funds to be carried out properly, make sure that you have the correct data in both banks. Check if you have:
  • matching home address
  • valid identity document
  • current phone number for SMS P@sswords and transaction authorization

If not, update the details before 8 November 2019.

See what else online banking and the mobile app can offer


  • modern transaction system
  • Finance Manager
  • MilleAdministration
  • 24/7 consultant suport

Mobile app

  • checking account balance
  • BLIK payments
  • immediate transfers to a phone number
  • withdrawals from ATMs and deposits to cash deposit machines
  • using offers available only in the mobile app

Additional information

  • numbers of current and savings accounts, term deposits, debit and credit cards
  • debit and credit card PINs
  • deadlines and renewal of savings products (deposits and savings accounts)
  • invoice numbers and repayment schedules for cash loans, instalments and mortgage loans denominated in PLN
  • credit limits in a current account – a 10-day interest-free period is maintained
  • repayment and generation of transaction statements as well as the length of the interest-free period for credit cards
  • fees and commissions – bank merger will not affect their amount
  • identifiers (logins) for online banking systems
  • the scope of insurance coverage provided under already concluded contracts
  • Codziennie Zyskuję benefit programme for existing participants

Pytania i odpowiedzi


    • From 1st October 2019 onwards Bank Millennium S.A. shall become the party to all agreements concluded by Euro Bank S.A. The change will be automatic and does not require Clients to take care of any formalities. Bank Millennium S.A. will also become the new controller of personal data of Euro Bank S.A. Clients.
    • On 8-11 November 2019 a technical interruption will occur in access to eurobank’s internet banking system and mobile app, preceding their deactivation. Please perform transactions planned for this period at an earlier date.
    • On 11 November 2019 we shall connect the IT systems of eurobank and Bank Millennium. From that day Clients of eurobank will be served in branches of both banks and in the new Internet banking and mobile app of Bank Millennium.

  • You do not have to make any preparations for the merger. Persons who use eurobank’s e-banking need only a computer of smartphone with Internet access. Then, after logging on to eurobank’s Internet system, you will be able to perform simple activation of Bank Millennium’s Internet system - Millenet. The activation can be made on the website, by phone or in a branch. Persons without Internet access or who will not use eurobank’s e-banking after the merger, should go to a Bank Millennium branch after 11th November 2019.

  • ZChanges of the Regulations are intended to harmonise and adjust eurobank’s regulations to systems and solutions used in Bank Millennium. In this way we will assure continuity of access to banking services after the merger planned for 11 November 2019.

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  • Direct debits and standing orders of transfers to savings accounts will not be be migrated to Bank Millennium.

    From 11 November 2019 certain functions for savings accounts will not be available - from that day onwards standing orders and direct debits will not be made from a savings account. These services are available with personal accounts.

  • Savings accounts opened before 11 November 2019 shall be migrated and will be kept by Bank Millennium. Your savings accounts will keep their numbers and names. You will be able to transfer money from a savings account only to the related personal account (internal transfer). In a particular calendar month you will be able to send 6 free internal transfers to the personal account. It will not be possible to set up standing orders and direct debit from a savings account and to send transfers to external accounts.

  • No. Your savings accounts will keep their numbers and names.

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